The Council for Biotechnology Information

The Council for Biotechnology Information

April 11, 2005 07:00 ET


Interactive exhibit tells the story of how biotechnology makes healthier foods and greener household products. Attention: Agriculture Editor, Assignment Editor, Food/Beverage Editor, Home/Garden Editor, Lifestyle Editor TORONTO, ON --(CCNMatthews - April 11, 2005) - -- What do canola oil and hemp aprons have in common? Biotechnology is the answer and the benefit for consumers is earth-friendly food and fibre. Confusing science is all made clear in "The Green Kitchen: Taste and Touch the Future", an exhibit to be launched at the Good Food Festival on April 15, 16 and 17 at the International Centre in Mississauga, ON.

"This exhibit is the first of its kind to give consumers a taste-and-touch experience of biotech products today as well as those coming in the future," says dietitian Lois Ferguson. The Green Kitchen will feature biotech foods that Canadian farmers have been growing for 10 years, consuming less fuel and creating less soil erosion while increasing yields and in some cases reducing pesticide use.

At the same time, the Green Kitchen exposes consumers to a surprising array of new products and building materials for the home, all derived from some of Canada's more common agricultural crops such as wheat and corn, and some uncommon ones like hemp. From cutlery to carpets, today's bioproducts are able to use specially created bacterial enzymes to break down crop biomass, through fermentation, into natural fibres that replace high-energy input petroleum polymers.

The Green Kitchen is green because it represents environmentally protective, food and fibres using annually renewable resources. "These are processing solutions that come from tilling rather than drilling," quips Ms. Ferguson.

And since these consumer products come from plants, they are biodegradable so come and compare:

• Cupboards from wheat straw
• Countertops from hemp
• Cutlery from corn
• Aprons from hemp and cotton, and
• Carpets from corn

Plan to catch Lois Ferguson on the Good Food Festival's Wellness and Nutrition stage Friday at 2 pm, Saturday at 5 pm and Sunday at 3 pm.

The Council for Biotechnology Information ( and BioProducts Canada ( are proud sponsors of The Green Kitchen.

/For further information: Please contact Sharon Beattie, BioScience Communicators at 905-206-9722 or to set up interviews with Lois Ferguson, or to learn more about the Green Kitchen on Wheels./ IN: AGRICULTURE, ENVIRONMENT, FOOD, HEALTH, OTHER

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