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September 13, 2011 00:10 ET

TasteJive Expresses Wines in Your Language

Wine Recommendation Engine for the 'Everyday' Wine Drinker Encourages Creativity and Delivers More Personalized Advice

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - Sep 13, 2011) - DEMO FALL 2011: Kleintech Inc., the creator of applications that make discovering products fun, interesting and highly sharable, announced today that they are introducing TasteJive this week at DEMO Fall 2011 Conference. TasteJive is a wine recommendation engine that enhances the shopping experience by connecting people with similar tastes, motivating them to exchange recommendations and discover new products that match their preferences. Available through the Web or on iPhone, TasteJive is currently in open beta at and can be downloaded for free in the iPhone App Store.

Unlike most wine-related sites and applications, which target the wine enthusiast or collectors, TasteJive is designed for the average or 'everyday' wine drinker; someone who enjoys wine regularly and likes getting recommendations but isn't well-versed in wine attributes and jargon. TasteJive lets its users describe wines as experiences via short 'memes,' short and on the fly, using attention-grabbing images and phrases that are easy to understand, fun to share and encourage interaction. Wine can be compared to places, foods, music, movies and even celebrities -- any memory, experience or pop culture reference the user chooses.

"For a product that by its very nature is fun and social, wine can be very intimidating and confusing," said Paulo Lerner, CEO and co-founder of Kleintech. "Most people just want a good wine at a good price without having to overthink their decision. We've created TasteJive and integrated it with Facebook to make the whole process of giving and getting recommendations more fun, more social and more personal for the largest but largely-ignored part of the market."

At its core, TasteJive is a recommendation engine that learns users' preferences and aligns them with other users of similar taste; the more one uses TasteJive, the more accurate it becomes. TasteJivers can explore wines by a number of categories such as Hot Reds, Wines to Read By, Most Popular and Guilty Pleasures, or by more traditional filters such varietal, vintage, region and food pairing. Better yet, they can click on the profile of another user whose 'jive' they like or find someone with whom they have high affinity and browse his or her other recommendations for more individualized results. Wines can be added to a user's Try list with a single click, which is then available anytime, anywhere as a guide when shopping for wines or out to dinner. With its GPS capabilities, TasteJive can be used when 'checking in' at a store or restaurant to see what wines have been recommended from that location.

"We hope to partner in the coming months with retailers, e-tailers, restaurants and brands," commented Lerner. "TasteJive provides the industry with a powerful new way to drive direct sales and influence conversations around their products with a significant segment of their customers with whom they don't already engage through more traditional means."

For more information about TasteJive, or to try out the open beta, please visit

About TasteJive
TasteJive is a wine-specific recommendation site and mobile app that seeks to demystify wine exploration, making it fun for non-experts to connect and share personalized recommendations with one another through social media. It leverages visual tags, relate-able language and user affinity to provide more engaging, interactive and accurate suggestions. TasteJive™ is a trademark of Kleintech, Inc.

About Kleintech, Inc.
KleinTech, Inc. is a developer of applications that make recommending and talking about products fun, interesting and highly shareable. Frugar, the Brazilian product list sharing site, was the first of Kleintech's products. TasteJive, Kleintech's US-based wine recommendation site, is scheduled to launch fall 2011. Founded in 2010, the privately-held company is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and has offices in Brazil.

About DEMO
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