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June 23, 2011 16:21 ET

Tate® Introduces In-floor Active Chilled Beams for Energy-Efficient Perimeter Heating and Cooling

Combine Benefits of Underfloor Air Distribution and Water Heating and Cooling

JESSUP, MD--(Marketwire - Jun 23, 2011) - Tate®, a market leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of raised access flooring and in-floor cooling solutions, introduces In-floor Active Chilled Beams, an energy-efficient perimeter heating and cooling solution that combines the benefits of underfloor air distribution with the efficiencies of water heating and cooling.

In a chilled beam, water pipes pass chilled and hot water through a heat exchanger or "beam," which is then capable of heating or cooling air delivered to a space. Tate's new In-floor Active Chilled Beams provide the energy savings and capacity of an overhead chilled beam while avoiding many of the concerns, including damage from leaking water lines and latent loads producing condensation. The beams bring chilled water under the floor to cool air directly at the perimeter of a building, where heat loss and heat gain can significantly impact energy use. In-floor Active Chilled Beams eliminate the need for spider ducting to deliver air to the perimeter and replace perimeter fan-powered boxes under the raised floor, allowing furniture and partitions to be placed freely in the building without concern for maintenance access to equipment.

In-floor Active Chilled Beams also improve heating capacity. Located directly under the perimeter windows, the beam catches cold air as it falls, heats it and supplies the heated air to the space, saving energy and providing maximum heating performance.

Aesthetically, In-floor Active Chilled Beams reduce the quantity of visible diffusers within the perimeter zone and create a cleaner appearance. By using segmented or continuous linear grilles along the building perimeter, in-floor chilled beams seamlessly integrate into the design of the space, while ensuring expanded daylighting and access to views typically associated with underfloor air distribution.

Tate offers three product options for customers seeking the advantages of In-floor Active Chilled Beams:

  • The 2-Pipe model includes supply and return water connections located on opposite ends of the chilled beam, allowing hot and chilled water to alternately pass through, depending on building demands and operator controls.
  • The 4-Pipe model features two supply and two return water connections, simultaneously passing hot and chilled water through separate coils to meet diverse building demands at any time.
  • The 2-Pipe with electric heat model uses electric heat at the perimeter, when hot water is unavailable or uneconomical. Chilled water can pass through the coils to meet any cooling demand, while the electric heating coil can be activated to meet any heating demand.

Tate also offers a line of grille accessories that complement In-floor Active Chilled Beams, including continuous blanking grilles, continuous corner grille kits and continuous end cap kits.

For more information about Tate's new In-floor Active Chilled Beams, please visit For information about other Tate products and services, please visit or call (410) 799-4200.

Tate is headquartered south of Baltimore, in Jessup, Md., and is a member of the Kingspan Group of companies. Tate is a leading manufacturer of raised access floors and in-floor cooling systems, with over 500 million square feet of underfloor service distribution systems installed. Tate products provide high performance and sustainable service distribution solutions in libraries, laboratories, casinos and in office, education, data center and clean room facilities.

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