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March 23, 2016 11:39 ET

"Tax-Efficient Withdrawal Strategies" Receives Accolades From Financial Industry Thought Leader

"Tax-Efficient Withdrawal Strategies" by Kirsten Cool, William Meyer and William Reichenstein Proves a Tax-Efficient Withdrawal Strategy Could Extend Retirement Assets Up to 10 Years

LEAWOOD, KS--(Marketwired - Mar 23, 2016) - "Tax-Efficient Withdrawal Strategies," written by Kirsten Cool, William Meyer and William Reichenstein, has received accolades from financial industry thought leader, Harold Evensky, CFP®, AIF®, chairman of Evensky & Katz/Foldes Financial. Evensky listed the paper in his recommended latest research for financial practitioners.

Published in the Journal of Financial Planning (March 2016), "Tax-Efficient Withdrawal Strategies" contests the conventional wisdom regarding retirement asset withdrawal sequence widely used in the financial industry. The paper proves other strategies to be more tax-efficient, including timing withdrawals from tax-deferred accounts when those funds are subject to low tax rates and converting funds from tax-deferred accounts to a Roth IRA at a rate that fully maximizes the tax bracket. Using these alternative strategies could extend the life of retirement assets by as much as 10 years. Evensky summarized the takeaway as, "Taxes matter!"

Meyer and Reichenstein have made it effortless for financial professionals and consumers to take advantage of these alternative, more effective withdrawal strategies with software available through the company Retiree Income. Known as Income Solver™, this software is the culmination of more than 10 years of research and software development. Learn more at

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Retiree Income was founded on the belief that there is a better way to serve retirees or people getting ready to retire -- one that is smarter and more personalized. The company produces retirement income planning software for both financial professionals and consumers.

About William Meyer
Throughout his career, William Meyer has looked for new ways to deliver higher quality advice to people in retirement. He has a unique combination of experiences in leading the design and launch of innovative client centric services and products, as well as leveraging technology in service offerings.

Early in Bill's career, he learned financial planning techniques for the affluent, and has strived to apply those insights to all households regardless of wealth. He has a track record of successfully developing products and services in executive leadership roles at H&R Block, Advisor Software and Charles Schwab.

About William Reichenstein, PhD, CFA
Dr. William Reichenstein, CFA, holds the Pat and Thomas R. Powers Chair in Investment Management at Baylor University. His recent work concentrates on the interaction between investments and taxes. He is the author of In the Presence of Taxes: Applications of After-Tax Asset Valuations (FPA Press, 2008), and coauthored with William Jennings Integrating Investments & the Tax Code (John Wiley & Sons (2003)).

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