Tax 911 Now!

Tax 911 Now!

June 03, 2013 09:34 ET

Tax Return Deadline for Self-Employed Business Owners Is June 15: Tax 911 Now! Shares Their Expert Opinion on a Proactive Filing Process

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - June 3, 2013) - Tax 911 Now!, a unique Canadian tax negotiation firm providing solutions to non-traditional tax problems for individuals and businesses, is offering a reminder to self-employed business owners that the June 15 tax return deadline is fast approaching.

With the high rate of tax audits for self-employed business owners and the recent reduction in support from the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA), third-party services have almost become a standard. However, most do not provide economical and effective relief for non-traditional or complex tax cases. Recently, the government allocated the CRA with $13 million in additional funding per year to track international financial transfers and pursue fraudulent individuals. They also cut other operations geared towards assisting tax payers including self-employed business owners by $60 million, suggesting that the CRA's focus has turned to aggressively auditing taxpayers rather than helping them through the process.

Tax 911 Now! founder and CEO Kristin Li recommends preparing for the filing deadline by compiling all records for the tax year in audit proof manner; being aware of all regulation changes and opportunities; and lastly, considering getting advice from a consulting firm to assist in an audit prevention review to mitigate the risk. Having an expert review the tax returns before filing this year is especially important for those who are already being audited for a previous year.

"With more than 25% of all businesses, and more than 4% of all individuals experiencing tax problems in Canada, June 15 can be an incredibly stressful deadline for many, especially for those with non-traditional or complex tax problems," said Kristin Li. "Our firm helps navigate through complex filing rules to avoid audits and deal with penalties."

Most traditional tax service providers do not have in-depth expertise to deal with problematic tax situations nor do they generally challenge the CRA. Service providers such as Li's Tax 911 Now! provide cost-effective solutions using a team of experts comprising seasoned tax advisors, knowledgeable tax accountants and former CRA agents that can effectively represent taxpayers challenged by the authorities.

About Tax 911 Now!

Founded by Kristin Li in 2009, Tax 911 Now! provides non-traditional tax problem resolutions to individuals and businesses. Tax 911 Now! consists of a multi-disciplinary team of tax professionals knowledgeable in tax negotiation, tax representation, complex taxation solutions and consulting. Tax 911 Now!'s team has experience working with individuals and small businesses to fortune 500 companies. Tax 911 Now! is in the process of becoming the first publicly traded tax service firm in Canada and expects to expand across North America through licensing agreements.

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