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October 12, 2012 06:00 ET

TBI Voices Interview Designed to Provide Insight Into People Who Suffer Traumatic Brain Injuries and Their Struggles

SHEBOYGAN, WI--(Marketwire - October 12, 2012) -  TBI Voices is a free online informational resource that provides regular updates and new stories that center on people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries and their struggles with the recovery from this type of harm. TBI Voices can be found at the URL of, and the publishers of the Web site hereby alert the public that they have recently put out another interview with a person who has survived a traumatic brain injury that deals with amnesia and its relation to severe head trauma.

People who want to learn more about the issues and realities surrounding survivors of traumatic brain injuries can go to TBI Voices, which is a free online resource available to anyone who may have been affected by this type of harm. TBI Voices releases regular updates of content regarding different issues that relate to this sort of suffering, and the Web site has recently published a video interview with a traumatic brain injury survivor that deals with the problem of amnesia. 

Specifically, this video interview was published on October 3, 2012, and it can be found at the URL of The video provides questions and answers to Lori, a woman who suffered a traumatic brain injury in an accident and who suffered from amnesia as a result of that accident. According to information provided in the interview, Lori was in a coma for approximately one week after the accident that caused the traumatic brain injury occurred.

Lori also stated in the interview that her first memory after coming out of her coma was laughing on an exercise ball as she was getting inpatient treatment in the hospital. She could not remember if this memory was from days or weeks after she awoke, and it is the only memory that she has during that timeframe immediately following her coma.

Overall, the interview concludes by asserting the fact that Lori suffered memory loss of only a few seconds before the accident that caused her traumatic brain injury. However, she suffered amnesia that took away her memory for several weeks after the accident and after she awoke from her coma. This is known as anterograde amnesia, and it is common in people who suffer extremely severe traumatic brain injuries. Visitors are invited to visit the page containing the video interview free of charge to see the rest of the story.

About TBI Voices
TBI Voices was launched by Gordon Johnson, an attorney in Wisconsin. Its purpose is to provide a message for those who may be interested in supporting the overall cause of traumatic brain injuries and to be available 24 hours per day for anyone who may be interested in learning more about these severe brain injuries and other forms of head trauma that can and do continue to affect patients and their loved ones for years, decades and even lifetimes. 

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