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July 09, 2013 08:15 ET

Tcl New & Proven User Conference Debuts Innovation for Tcl/Tk Programming Language

Featured Keynote Leverages Tcl for Live Worldwide Flight Tracking

NEW ORLEANS, LA--(Marketwired - Jul 9, 2013) - The Tcl/Tk programming language, a combination of the Tool Command Language (Tcl) and the Tk graphical user interface toolkit (Tk), is poised to celebrate over 20 years of innovation with its user community. Tcl/Tk is the most robust and easy-to-learn dynamic programming language seamlessly powering today's applications. Programmers and scientists are invited to attend the conference in New Orleans, September 23-27, 2013 to share their creativity and latest designs using this dynamic programming language for rapid prototyping of applications that run on multiple platforms and use native-looking GUIs.

"What sets Tcl apart from other programming languages is that it's easy to learn and can be used in hours versus months," says Clif Flynt, President, Tcl Community Association and author of Tcl/Tk: A Developer's Guide. "When you think of rapid prototyping, Tcl is one of the best solutions available today. My experience is that a prototype for a new application typically becomes the finished product because it works immediately."

Business-friendly, easy-to-deploy and continually evolving, the Tcl/Tk language is a single unifying language that integrates front to back end functionality while tying libraries and multiple platforms together. "There really is no limit to the platform size," states Flynt. "Tcl is the ideal middleware for tying applications together for the most complicated tasks."

The "Tcl New & Proven - Rapid and Flexible Programming Since 1989" user conference will feature Tcl experts Jeff Hobbs, Chief Technical Officer at ActiveState, and Gerald Lester, creator of Tcl Web Services. Case studies will showcase how Tcl is being applied to meet current business challenges, including the keynote speech given by Karl Lehenbauer of Tcl is currently used to integrate multiple sources of data across diverse networks while providing a robust plug-in to Hitachi web servers for FlightAware's live flight tracking system. FlightAware leads the industry in providing free, worldwide airline flight tracking since 2005.

Programmers attending the conference will learn the best practices for using Tcl's new object-oriented commands and widgets, as well as see new applications and techniques in the fields ranging from business applications to health, aerospace and beyond.

"Tcl does small things that make a big impact," says Gerald Lester, Tcl Board Member and Facility Chair. "And the best way to really see just how Tcl works is to join us in New Orleans to view in-depth simulations and applications."

Interested in attending the Tcl New & Proven conference? Go to to register. Learn more about Tcl/Tk by visiting the Tcl Developer Xchange where you can download Tcl 8.6 and a free trial of TDK 5 (Tcl Dev Kit).

About Tcl/Tk (
Celebrating over 20 years of providing rapid prototyping, Tool Command Language (Tcl) is an open source, robust, powerful and easy-to-learn dynamic programming language ideal for today's web and desktop applications, networking, administration, and testing. Tk is a graphical user interface toolkit that enables the development of
native-looking GUIs on multiple platforms including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The combination of Tcl and the Tk GUI toolkit is referred to as Tcl/Tk.

The vibrant Tcl user community comes together on the Tcl Developer Xchange website hosted by ActiveState (, which provides a variety of resources for programmers working with Tcl/Tk to increase their productivity and share ideas. Worldwide Tcl conferences, Tcl/Tk downloads and access to the Tcler's Wiki are available online at the Tcl Developer Xchange. The latest books, tutorials and demos are also accessible from this site along with the Tcl core development team that steers the ongoing evolution of the language.

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