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March 01, 2011 16:26 ET

TDG -- PC-to-TV Connectivity Surprisingly Common Among U.S. Consumers

New TDG Research Finds "PC2TV" Connectivity for Video Viewing More Widespread Than Perceived

FRISCO, TX--(Marketwire - March 1, 2011) - According to a new report from The Diffusion Group (TDG), approximately one-third of broadband users connect a PC to their TV specifically to enjoy PC or online video on the "big screen" at least once a year.

Michael Greeson, founding partner and director of research at TDG, notes that, despite substantial early efforts by Microsoft, Intel, and others to encourage consumers to connect their PCs to their TVs, the behavior has been perceived as infrequent, confined to tech-inclined Early Adopters. "Let's be honest: when most of us think about net-to-TV connectivity, the last platform we envision is the PC, when in fact it is a popular net-to-TV video platform."

TDG identifies four frequency-based sub-segments among PC2TV Video Viewers:

  • Light Users -- the 26.2% of PC2TV Video Viewers that use a PC2TV connection to watch video on their TV between once and a few times per year;

  • Moderate Users -- the 35.6% that use a PC2TV connection to watch video on their TV between once and few times per month;

  • Regular Users -- the 21.4% that use a PC2TV connection to watch video on their TV a few times per week; and

  • Frequent Users -- the 16.8% that use a PC2TV connection to watch video on their TV at least once per day.

TDG's new report, PC-to-TV Video Viewers -- A Consumer Snapshot, offers a detailed profile of this surprisingly under-studied consumer segment. Among its findings:

  • 18-34 year olds are significantly more likely than other age groups to be PC2TV Video Viewers, and to view PC2TV video more frequently;

  • Nearly half of PC2TV Video Viewers spend money each month to rent or purchase online video, significantly greater than adult broadband users in general;

  • Only 10% of PC2TV Video Viewers consider themselves to be Early Adopters of technology, while 43% consider themselves Early Mainstreamers (those who are aware of new technologies but prefer to wait "for the bugs to be worked out" before buying);

  • More frequent PC2TV Video Viewers are also more likely to be heavier TV viewers, as well as spend more each month for their PayTV services; and

  • PC2TV video viewers are no more likely than average broadband users to "cut the cord" and cancel their PayTV services.

TDG's new report offers an in-depth profile of PC2TV video viewers in general, as well as the four sub-segments identified. To purchase the report, or to obtain more information about the analysis, please visit TDG's website at or contact Andy Tarczon at 469-287-8060.

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