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January 15, 2013 10:00 ET

Tea Party Documentary Party Crashers Now Available on Hulu and iTunes

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - Jan 15, 2013) - Party Crashers (, the debut project of Live Oak Productions and filmmaker Travis Burroughs, is now available online for download via Hulu and iTunes. This groundbreaking, feature-length documentary examines the roots of the Tea Party movement and investigates how its voice swelled into one of the most powerful political forces of the 21st century.

Party Crashers takes viewers on a journey across the country to visit key landmarks and individuals who defined the Tea Party movement. The documentary features interviews with members who helped shape early Tea Party ideology, such as John O'Hara and Brendan Steinhauser. The two are noteworthy for their involvement in the Washington-based Tea Party organization called FreedomWorks, which recently made headlines after Labor Day for upheaval amongst its leadership following the November elections. Both men help peel back the mystery surrounding the controversial stance that the Tea Party legislation has taken regarding the Constitutional rights of American citizens, as well as the changes their followers hope to make in reducing government spending and reduction of the national debt.

Other interviews feature prominent figures that have played significant roles as political leaders, or party backers, such as Senator Rand Paul, Republican Assembly member Sharron Angle, and actor Stephen Baldwin, each remarking on the evolution of today's political landscape as affected by Tea Party members across the country. Valuable contributions are also made by critics of the Tea Party movement, such as Professors Christopher Park and Thaddeus Russell, who examine how racism and bigotry may have subtly infiltrated the minds of legislators and become an unwanted, but often overlooked, component of Party ideology.

Party Crashers debuted on the independent film circuit in the United States to great aplomb and is available on DVD through the film's website, as well as online through Hulu and iTunes. Follow the movement on Facebook and Twitter and watch as Party Crashers unveils the struggles, triumphs and controversy surrounding the dark horse of American politics.

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