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February 24, 2009 11:49 ET

Teach For America Candidates Utilize ETS's ProofWriter™ to Strengthen Writing Skills

PRINCETON, NJ--(Marketwire - February 24, 2009) - Educational Testing Service and Teach For America have entered a joint venture to market ETS's ProofWriter™ online evaluation tool. Candidates applying to the Teach For America corps can access the ProofWriter tool to receive an online evaluation of their application essay for a nominal fee. Teach For America corps members commit to teach for at least two years in under-resourced public schools and become lifelong advocates of educational equity.

The ProofWriter online writing tool assesses any writing sample and provides feedback within seconds on grammar usage, mechanics, and style.

"Through this agreement, ETS is creating yet another touch point with future teachers," says Chuck Cascio, Vice President of Partnership Expansion with the Business Development, Partnerships & Global Division. "Teach For America candidates using the ProofWriter tool will no doubt see the value it brings to the writing process and in developing their writing skills."

ETS President Kurt Landgraf hosted Teach For America Founder and Chief Executive Officer Wendy Kopp and some of her staff at ETS in May 2008. Landgraf and Kopp discussed their shared commitment to closing academic achievement gaps and improving teacher quality as well as possible opportunities for collaboration.

Teach For America has also expressed specific interest in ETS's Criterion(SM) Online Writing Evaluation -- recently named a Reader's Choice Top 100 Product for 2008 by District Administration -- and possibly increasing the use of Praxis™ tests for Teach For America corps members.

"Collaborating with Teach For America on the ProofWriter tool is a significant first step in working together to advance the missions of both organizations," Cascio explains.

Through the terms of the agreement, Teach For America applicants can use the ProofWriter tool to check their application essay twice for grammar, style, usage, and mechanics. Once the agreement was signed, the ProofWriter tool became available in less than a week on the Teach For America Web site.

"Teach For America is highly selective because we expect so much of our teachers, both in the classroom and as alumni," says Amy Rabinowitz, Vice President of Communications at Teach For America. "As part of our selection process, we closely evaluate each candidate's writing skills. While applicants are not required to use the ProofWriter tool for their admission essay, Teach For America recommends this tool as a helpful resource to strengthen writing skills."

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