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March 18, 2010 13:01 ET

Teacher Leadership Exploratory Consortium Seeks Feedback on Draft Model Teacher Leader Standards

PRINCETON, NJ--(Marketwire - March 18, 2010) -  The Teacher Leadership Exploratory Consortium released to the public a draft of Model Teacher Leader Standards after nearly two years of research and collaboration. This group of education stakeholders is now inviting the broader community to offer feedback on these standards by visiting

The model standards were designed to stimulate dialogue among education stakeholders about what constitutes the critical roles teacher leaders play and the knowledge, skills, competencies, and leadership qualities that teachers need to assume teacher leadership roles in their schools, districts and the profession.

In gathering feedback, the Teacher Leadership Exploratory Consortium aims to help inform curriculum, professional development, policies, practices and the development of assessments or evaluation systems.

"Teacher Leaders are a crucial part of our education system, providing support and guidance to other teachers, and assistance to principals, that lead to improvements in teaching and learning," Katherine Bassett, Educational Testing Service (ETS) Director of Educator Relations within the Teacher Licensure and Certification (TLC) group adds. "Consortium members welcome feedback from educators. The input will inform the next step in the development of these model standards for teacher leaders."

The model standards indicate that the role of the teacher leader includes knowledge and abilities that differ, in some instances, from that of the teacher. These differences include knowledge of how to effectively work with adults, build collaborative communities and facilitate learning among adult learners.

The draft standards follow a format similar to the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium State Standards for School Leaders. The standards are broadly stated expectations or 'domains' that define critical dimensions of teacher leadership. Under each domain, there are 'functions' that more specifically define the range of actions for teacher leaders related to that domain.

The Teacher Leadership Exploratory Consortium seeks comments until April 30.

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