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March 28, 2008 09:00 ET

Teak Technologies Raises 10GE Performance Bar to Unmatched Level

Focused Squarely at Building Switching Solutions to Accelerate Data Center Applications, Teak's AZ-10GE Technology Enables 10GE Links to Operate at Line Rate Without Packet Loss Across All Traffic Loads Including Those With Random Arrival, Varying Frame Size, Burst Characteristics, and Oversubscribed Output Interfaces

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - March 28, 2008) - As yet another industry-first milestone, Teak Technologies recently demonstrated unmatched throughput performance from its AZ-10GE switching solution for IBM BladeCenter running the Reuters Market Data System (RMDS) application suite used by securities firms worldwide to supply real-time data to traders and automated trading applications.

"We recently completed Phase-1 tests on Teak's equipment using the Reuters Market Data System," said Peter Lankford, director of the Securities Technology Analysis Center (STAC®). "Our testing focused on two objectives: (1) stress test the equipment to determine peak sustained link utilization level with Teak's hardware-based Acceleration Zone (AZ-10GE) algorithms and, (2) establish the baseline native 10GE latency with Teak's Acceleration Zone (AZ-10GE) algorithms disabled and with no assistance from client-side acceleration algorithms such as TOE, iWARP, or RDMA. Our tests found that Teak's solution improved link utilization from 7.7Gbps to 9.6Gbps in the AZ-10GE mode and delivered mean latency of less than one millisecond at up to 450,000 updates per second in native 10GE mode with no client-side acceleration.

"10GE switch vendors claim to deliver line-rate performance with zero packet loss across all packet sizes. However, such claims assume well-behaved traffic flows and speak nothing of their number, arrival characteristics, or port oversubscription rates," said Sanjay Dua, chief marketing officer at Teak Technologies. "By way of contrast, AZ-10GE solutions allow applications and networks to work as an efficient closed-loop system where traffic flows unimpeded at line rate without incurring packet loss even in adverse environments. AZ-10GE algorithms self-adjust to maintain peak performance at all times while adapting to changes in traffic mix/volume, round-trip time (RTT), network topology, and equipment add/moves. In a historical first, Teak's AZ-10GE technology allows Ethernet to operate optimally and reliably with full link utilization, no packet loss, and low latency while ensuring high levels of application availability and predictability."

A copy of the STAC Report on Teak's AZ-10GE Switching Solution for IBM BladeCenter can be found at

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Teak Technologies' pioneering AZ-10GE switching solutions transform data center networks into an Applications Acceleration Zone. These solutions deliver theoretically optimal performance levels and simplify networks that interconnect compute and storage end-points in mid-to-large, heterogeneous IT environments consisting of the world's leading blade server platforms, rack servers, distributed storage clusters, and IT processes. Teak's expanding portfolio of AZ-10GE and AZ-1GE switching solutions is at various stages of deployment with Tier-1 OEMs, financial institutions, research universities, telecommunication carriers, and IPTV/cable service providers worldwide. More information about Teak Technologies is available at

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