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teALCHEMY: Blend it, Sip it, Rub it, Create Some Chemistry

teALCHEMY is Serving More Than Just A Hot Cup of Tea

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - March 5, 2015) -

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One of the many attractions about tea is the fact that the ancient plant can be used endlessly. Tea connoisseur and founder of teALCHEMY Lynda Budd has been sharing with consumers the ability to infuse traditional teas with a non-traditional approach for years.

The lifestyle brand teALCHEMY known for being the tea staple at some of Toronto's best restaurants like Portland Variety and Mamakas Taverna is bringing its knowledge on tea to a digital platform with the launch of its new site tealchemy.ca. Tea lovers in Canada and the United States can find a one-stop shop for their tea needs, education, and Lynda Budd's new book 'TEA TAILS: Party till the Wee Hours of the Afternoon'.

The launch of teALCHEMY's lifestyle site is changing the way we understand the tea leaf plant by offering a learning portal for visitors to get familiar with teALCHEMY's loose leaf teas, tea rub, tea syrup, tea powders, to infuse into your cocktails, culinary dishes, and baking treats just in time for Spring.

"tealchemy.ca is a tea lovers must visit domain, as the site has been created to provide visitors tea recipes, tea traditions from around the world, tea trip guides, and the convenience to have freshly sealed products delivered right to your door," says Founder and CEO of teALCHEMY, Lynda Budd.

teALCHEMY understands the many health benefits to tea and are continuously proving why tea should be apart of one's life all year round. Lynda Budd the Tea Alchemist and CEO of teALCHEMY has developed a series of elixirs for the body, mind and spirit to improve your overall health and wellbeing. These elixirs have provided individuals the opportunity to harness the power in the sense of smell and to experience profound relaxation and healing.

Budd added, "We believe that tea is the elixir of life and the passion behind that belief is what drives us. We want to work with each and everyone of our customers to deliver their perfect tea."

Visit tealchemy.ca to start your tea adventure!

About teALCHEMY:

Founded in Canada, teALCHEMY's mission is to inspire and educate our customers through a non-traditional approach to tea. Though tea traditions are our foundation, we're using modern online mediums to bring you a truly unique premium brand of teas and products. Our dedication to sourcing the finest ingredients brings us around the world in order to create quality products and encourage experimenting beyond the teapot.

teALCHEMY is the only Canadian online tea company that builds loyalty organically through education, face to face meetings and all social media channels. We do this for the tea and health enthusiast interested in quality, premium and innovated tea products wanting to expand their culinary world in Canada and U.S. We do this because we love tea in an era of the slow food movement for health conscious people.

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