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December 06, 2010 11:00 ET

Tealeaf Announces Results of Social Media Buzz Report on Online Shopping; Nearly a Quarter of Tweeting Shoppers Frustrated

Twitter™ Conversations About Online Shopping Jumped More Than 200% on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Shoppers Demand Better Service and Functionality, Love Convenience and Discounts

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - December 6, 2010) -

Key Points:

  1. Social Media buzz around online shopping skyrockets around Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  2. Twitter™ conversations paint a different picture of retailers' "success" this holiday season with nearly a quarter of tweeters dissatisfied and/or completely unable to complete purchases
  3. Ratio of positive, negative and neutral conversations on Twitter™ remains nearly constant -- meaning customer struggles happen even on a "light" shopping day
  4. Retailers are missing a bigger opportunity to capture sales and create lasting customer relationships

As retailers and industry analysts watched online sales rise on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Tealeaf®, the leader in online customer experience management software (CEM), tuned into Twitter to see if conversations stayed merry and bright or if consumers' online shopping experiences turned them into Grinches. Using advanced online sentiment analysis from Crimson Hexagon™, Tealeaf found that Twitter™ conversations about online shopping increased 256 percent on Black Friday and 202 percent on Cyber Monday compared to a regular shopping day(1) and shoppers were not shy about sharing their victories and failures as they strove to beat the instore crowds. While more than a third (38 percent) of online shoppers were delighted with their purchases, nearly a quarter (24 percent) cursed and complained their way through the process as they wrestled with website errors and other classic customer struggles.

For a complete presentation on the Tealeaf Online Shopping Social Media Buzz Report and the methodology behind it please see:

"The holiday sales volumes underscore consumers' growing appetite for online shopping. However, scratching a bit beneath the surface reveals substantial consumer frustration and missed opportunities for retailers. Behind every purchase is an experience that creates a brand advocate or enemy and social media is now the battleground where shoppers take sides," said Geoff Galat, vice president of Worldwide Marketing for Tealeaf. "Whether it's the biggest shopping day of the year or a random Tuesday in August, online customer struggles exist and thanks to social media these experiences become amplified. With website errors, faulty coupon codes and other common customer struggles that would otherwise fly below the radar, retailers are unwittingly driving customers away resulting in more than $44 billion in lost revenue over the course of a year(2)."

Social media has a major impact on the way consumers make decisions. In a previous consumer survey, Tealeaf found that 51percent of online shoppers said social media has influenced their online transactions. When they read a negative comment online, 74 percent of consumers said it influences their likelihood to do business with the company with a full 56 percent who said they avoided a particular vendor after reading bad reviews. Good news travels fast, too with 52 percent saying they used a particular vendor after reading good reviews.(3)

Tealeaf created the Online Shopping Social Media Buzz Report by using Crimson Hexagon's technology and services to analyze tweets relevant to online shopping from November 15 -- December 1, 2010. Despite Cyber Monday producing more than $1 Billion in sales -- a new online shopping record, Black Friday actually yielded 64 percent more tweets on the subject. While almost a third of all conversations (31 percent) were neutral, more than a third (38 percent) were exuberant about their online shopping like this happy customer: "Christmas shopping done. Did most of it online. Only went to two stores today. Online is so much easier and much less stressful." Most of the positive tweets praised the convenience of online shopping with less than 10 percent of tweets mentioning getting a great deal.

However, it wasn't all cheer and merriment on Twitter™. Twelve percent of shoppers dreaded their online shopping experiences, encountering classic customer struggles like payment problems, website issues, and items listed as "in stock" at the start of an online session, only to be found "out of stock" at check-out. Likely, these issues prevented consumers from completing a purchase. These tweets, and thousands like it, express the sentiments of angry tweeters:

For the most part the ratio of neutral, positive and negative opinions remained constant. The message to online retailers: the potential for even higher sales was lost due to issues on their websites during these two important days -- and every other day of the year.

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(1) "Regular" Day is November 15, 2010.

(2) Harris Interactive Online Transactions Survey, commissioned by Tealeaf, September 2010.

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