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November 18, 2008 08:01 ET

Tealeaf Debuts Mobile Customer Experience Management and bot Reporting

New Tealeaf CX Mobile Experience Manager Empowers Understanding of Customer Behavior in Largely Untapped Mobile e-Commerce Market; Additional Enhancements, Including Reporting on bot Traffic, Announced Across Tealeaf CX Solutions

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - November 18, 2008) - Helping companies monetize e-commerce via Web-capable mobile devices, Tealeaf®, the leader in online Customer Experience Management (CEM) software, today announced Tealeaf CX Mobile Experience Manager. With the addition of Tealeaf CX Mobile Experience Manager, Tealeaf delivers the industry's first mobile session replay. The visibility mobile session replay affords is especially critical given the variability of mobile devices, and allows companies to understand mobile customer engagement, discover ongoing behavior patterns, and compare success and failure of mobile users alongside the experiences of traditional desktop users.

Tealeaf also announced several additional updates to the Tealeaf CX solutions, including enhanced Robot (bot) traffic reporting -- to improve organic search rankings and affiliate marketing efforts -- and new user community-driven event and analysis templates. These templates are packaged to provide Tealeaf's customers and partners with best practices that further accelerate the time to value of Tealeaf.

Tealeaf CX Mobile Experience Manager

As more consumers rely on mobility, meeting expectations for mobile customer experience will be key to success in this new business channel. However, supporting Web transactions via mobile devices is very different than via desktops, and is dependent upon a company's ability to effectively deliver content to varied devices and mobile browsers. Mobile Experience Manager offers companies full visibility and actionable insight into their customers' mobile experiences:

         Mobile Session Replay -- Visibility Critical to Understanding
         Mobile Customer Experience
         Mobile Experience Manager captures complete interactions of every
         mobile user without dependence on JavaScript or other mechanisms
         that can miss mobile interactions. The module can then replay an
         exact browser-level recording of each session, taking into account
         mobile variables including specific device capabilities, screen
         sizes, and other limitations (such as not supporting JavaScript).
         Insight revealed through Mobile Experience Manager is critical to
         discover and diagnose mobile site experience problems, compare
         mobile experiences with desktop experiences (or between devices),
         and ultimately improve success in this growing channel.

         Mobile Visitor and Device Metrics -- Actionable Insights into
         Mobile Trends and Anomalies
         Mobile Experience Manager also complements replay's qualitative
         visibility into the mobile channel with quantitative insights by
         capturing and reporting powerful mobile visitor data. Reports are
         available on usage statistics and patterns, including ad-hoc
         segments based on mobile attributes.


"Since our customers are on the go travelers, the mobile Web is a huge opportunity for us," said Wes Graham, Director of Internet Distribution, US Airways. "The visibility Tealeaf provides is critical to understanding our mobile customers' experiences and behavior. Given the variety of mobile devices and browsers out there, these customers have unique experience challenges. Without the ability to replay actual mobile customer sessions, we would have a hard time making the right business decisions for our mobile site optimization efforts and supporting growth in mobile use of"

Forrester Research, Inc. recommends that companies be prepared for mobile and its implications in the October 2008 report "How Shoppers Evolve Online." According to the report, "as mobile commerce initiatives gain traction with the increased penetration of smartphones, retailers will need to incorporate mobile projects into their plans. The history of category growth in the online shopping world is likely to be replicated in mobile shopping."

Additional Updates to Tealeaf CX Solutions:

Bot Traffic Reporting

Tealeaf also announced the addition of bot traffic reporting. Utilized by search and price engines for Web crawling and indexing, bots often make up a high percentage of site traffic.

Understanding bot behavior has been challenging, however -- bots don't accept JavaScript, making most Web analytics solutions unable to report on their traffic. With the new bot reporting capabilities, Tealeaf's visibility is now extended, providing the unique combination of actual user traffic alongside bot traffic -- including which bots visit a site, their frequency, and how they are traversing the site during each visit.

Multiple teams within an organization can benefit from better understanding bot behavior Insight into bot traffic sheds light on how product pages are getting indexed and ranked by a search engines -- informing better search engine optimization decisions for emarketing teams. Understanding bot behavior can also help emarketers launch new product pages and update pricing -- content companies want customers to find via organic web search. In addition, affiliate marketing programs can be enhanced through an understanding of how price crawlers and other bots are cataloging a site. And IT organizations can leverage bot traffic reports to help manage site traffic levels and protect against intrusion by "bad" bots.

"In the rush towards 'more accurate' data collection, companies around the world have managed to exclude as much as 50% of the traffic to their site from reporting and analysis," says Eric T. Peterson, web analytics consultant and author of Web Analytics Demystified. "Tealeaf's ability to record and report on traffic from automated agents and visitors using mobile devices allows site operators to develop a more accurate picture of what is happening on their web site."

User Community-Based Templates

The release of user community-based templates, including dashboards, reports and events for common data captured across customer visits, provide Tealeaf users with easy access to best practices for leveraging and gaining value from Tealeaf data. The new templates are shared and exchanged among Tealeaf's customers and consulting partners, helping them enable more advanced usage and accelerated time-to-value with Tealeaf.


Tealeaf CX Mobile Experience Manager is a new add-on module to Tealeaf CX solutions. Bot reporting and user community-based templates are available as part of the Tealeaf Customer Behavior Analysis Suite. For more information click here.

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