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May 06, 2008 08:01 ET

Tealeaf Establishes viaTealeaf Partner Network of Leading Technology Companies and Ebusiness Consultancies

Mutual Customers Benefit from Powerful Integrations and Services to Maximize Value of Their Site Optimization Systems -- and Deliver World-Class Websites

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - May 6, 2008) - Tealeaf®, the leader in online Customer Experience Management (CEM), today announced the formation of the viaTealeaf™ Partner Network, designed to provide ebusinesses with a powerful, integrated ecosystem of website optimization resources. The viaTealeaf Partner Network combines Tealeaf's leading online customer experience management solutions with best-of-breed technology solutions, such as Web analytics, voice of the customer and multi-variate testing, and complements these solutions with access to services from leading ebusiness consultancies. Combined, these technology integrations and services aim at helping companies enjoy a simplified methodology for optimizing their ebusinesses.

Using viaTealeaf, companies will be able to more rapidly deploy fully integrated systems as well as work with ebusiness strategists to most effectively implement methodologies for leveraging these systems. Combining the all-important online visibility provided by Tealeaf with the sophisticated measurement, analysis and reporting delivered by the viaTealeaf Network partners will also make the data from each individual solution more powerful.

"Companies increasingly recognize that clickstream data alone is simply not enough to create a robust and truly useful view of visitors and customers in the online channel," said Eric T. Peterson, CEO of Web Analytics Demystified, Inc. "This is a situation where the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts. Combining the viaTealeaf partner solutions, both quantitative and qualitative, along with Tealeaf's customer experience solutions not only goes a long way towards lowering the barriers necessary to deploy robust systems, but more importantly delivers this full view of the online user experience."

"At Improvement Direct, we've found that integrating Tealeaf and Omniture achieves immediate results. When I notice trends I can pivot between Omniture and Tealeaf to understand these trends and the experiences of actual customers," said Dieter Davis, director of business intelligence, Improvement Direct. "Joining these different sources of information on our online customer experience creates powerful combined insight that allows us to reduce marketing spend and increase revenue."

"Prior to the creation of the viaTealeaf Network, Web analysts were challenged when 'pivoting' between various solutions to achieve their business objectives," said John Dawes, vice president of product management, Tealeaf. "The creation of viaTealeaf eliminates the difficulties of using standalone solutions, enabling an ebusiness to have a more integrated understanding of their online customer and ultimately generate more actionable insight."

viaTealeaf Partner Network participants:

Charter members of the viaTealeaf Partner Network include 12 leading technology providers and consultancies:

Technology Solutions

Ebusiness Optimizaton

Ebusiness optimization solutions help uncover trends or anomalies -- such as a difference in conversion rates between two time periods, customer segments or even tests. When integrated with Tealeaf, Web analysts will be able to see the actual customers behind these trends, in order to investigate "why" each individual customer is either succeeding or failing online.

Interwoven® -- A provider of web content optimization solutions, Interwoven is focused on helping organizations maximize their online business performance by empowering marketers to create and deliver targeted, relevant, and optimized content through their websites. The integration of Interwoven Optimost® with Tealeaf will help companies investigate and understand the results of multivariable tests leading to improved online conversions, revenue and performance.

Omniture® -- A leading provider of online business optimization software, Omniture enables customers to manage and enhance online, offline and multi-channel business initiatives. The Omniture Genesis integration of Tealeaf gives Ebusiness decision makers the ability to combine their understanding of customer behavior from Omniture with the unique visibility into actual online customer experiences provided by Tealeaf. Using this solution, the companies' joint customers will be able to more proactively service their online users -- ultimately helping to maximize the value of every single transaction and optimize overall online business success.

SiteSpect® -- Provides non-intrusive multivariate and A/B testing solutions for optimizing websites, landing pages, and mobile content offerings. SiteSpect customers who also use Tealeaf will be able to easily access a single source of behavioral data for analysis and action so that they can drive the success of their online presence.

WebTrends® -- WebTrends provides the industry's most recognized web analytics, search engine marketing (SEM), and visitor intelligence solutions to enable companies to understand their customers, drive customer engagement, and enhance marketing and brand awareness. Understanding actual customer experience, enabled through the combination of information and knowledge from WebTrends and Tealeaf will drive improved customer engagement and more powerful targeted marketing.

Voice of Customer

Voice of Customer solutions help ebusinesses understand the perspectives of and gather feedback from their online customers. When trying to uncover why customers are providing specific feedback, companies will be able to use the integration with Tealeaf to see the actual experience of individual online users who provided the feedback. This visibility provides full context around the online users experience and feedback, to ensure that businesses can effectively refine efforts.

Foresee Results® -- A provider of online customer satisfaction measurement, ForeSee Results captures and analyzes online voice of customer data to help organizations increase sales, loyalty, recommendations and website value. Understanding the drivers of online satisfaction (such as navigation, search, content) is imperative for companies to optimize their website. Combining ForeSee Results' expertise in customer satisfaction measurement, with the visibility into actual online customer experiences that Tealeaf provides, will allow companies to maximize customer satisfaction and return on investment.

OpinionLab® -- Provides patented Voice of Customer solutions for website optimization, online advertising, business intelligence, online surveys, intelligent support and digital applications. OpinionLab solutions empower organizations to engage and support customers at every online touch point and convert customer voice into actionable business intelligence to increase customer retention and build their brand. Integrating OpinionLab's qualitative data with the unique visibility that Tealeaf provides into actual customer experience enables companies to make more accurate, holistic assessments of website effectiveness -- from their customers' perspectives. The combined solution gives organizations a suite of tools to identify exactly what customers want and need in real time. Imagine having your customer at the decision-making table, 24/7.

Data Analysis

Tealeaf is a rich source of online customer experience data that can drive sophisticated data analysis solutions. Integration will allow data captured by Tealeaf to be analyzed in real-time along with information from other data sources -- enabling a wide range of data analysis solutions from cross channel effectiveness to fraud detection.

Aleri® -- A provider of proven complex event processing technology that provides companies with the ability to translate real-time information into insight and action across the enterprise. The Aleri platform provides powerful real-time data analysis capabilities with high level tools for easily implementing custom business logic. By combining Tealeaf's capability to gather real-time, on-line customer experience information with Aleri's real-time data analysis, e-commerce sites can gain continuous insight into customer trends and user experiences.

Coral8™ -- A provider of software for complex event processing that drives continuous business intelligence. The Coral8 integration with Tealeaf will enable companies to further leverage Tealeaf's unique visibility into actual online customer experiences to drive granular, 360 degree, real-time business impact analysis of customer experience.

SAS® -- A leading provider of customer intelligence solutions. With SAS and Tealeaf, companies gain rich resources of online customer data plus the data integration, business analytics and marketing solutions to transform all that data into genuine competitive advantage.

Consulting Partners

Using a set methodology and following best practices is critical to best leveraging website optimization systems. Ebusinesses can draw on the expertise of viaTealeaf ebusiness consultancy members to ensure they are getting the most out of their technology infrastructures.

Semphonic® -- A Web and search engine marketing analytics consultancy. Semphonic's experience across tools gives a deeper and better appreciation of how Web analytics can be done. Semphonic leverages this experience to implement cross-solution methodologies for Web analytics that can make a dramatic difference in the role and value of Web measurement in organizations.

Siteworx®, Inc. -- A full-service Web strategy consultancy with deep expertise in Design, User Experience and Application Development. The customer experience visibility and context of Tealeaf and Siteworx' proven ability to design and build large-scale websites and Web-based applications provides clients a powerful combination, putting critical business knowledge into action for optimal results.

Stratigent® -- A Web analytics and marketing optimization consultancy, Stratigent brings a wealth of expertise in Web analytics strategy and execution to companies looking to improve their online and offline marketing performance. The deep investigation and quantification of customer experience flaws and obstacles that Tealeaf provides enhances the analysis and recommendations that Stratigent delivers.


"We are excited to be partnering with a cutting edge company like Tealeaf," said Don DeLoach, President and CEO of Aleri. "By combining Tealeaf's capability to gather real-time, on-line customer experience with Aleri's real-time data analysis, this will provide e-commerce sites a competitive advantage to quickly understand consumer trends and assess the user experience."

"Tealeaf's leadership in online customer experience management makes for a natural marriage with Coral8's Continuous Business Intelligence™ software," said Terry Cunningham, CEO of Coral8, Inc. "Our partnership has already enabled several joint customers to drive faster, better actions through granular, 360 degree, real-time intelligence of online business activity, user experience and customer behavior."

"Integrating our customer satisfaction analysis with Tealeaf's session recording capabilities will enable companies to delve into the "why" behind a site visitor's behavior in a given session," said Larry Freed, President and CEO of ForeSee Results. "We'll also be able to tell how their online experience will influence their future behavior in any channel."

"As evidenced by Improvement Direct and our other mutual customers, Omniture and Tealeaf are using our combined solutions to improve the online customer experience resulting in increased conversion, retention and customer satisfaction," said Aaron Watson, Senior Director of Strategic Alliances, Omniture. "We believe this partnership, established through Omniture Genesis and now through viaTealeaf, enables greater product integration and online marketing results for our customers."

"Integrating Tealeaf with Optimost, our website optimization solution, provides companies with a detailed understanding of how site visitors are interacting with the optimized content during testing. This immediate feedback leads to deeper understanding of optimization results and provides an opportunity to make improvements to current tests and discover new testing and targeting opportunities," said Mark Wachen, managing director of Optimost solutions at Interwoven. "By combining customer experience analysis with multivariable testing and targeting, shared clients gain complete customer experience context when reviewing test results. This visibility enables them to further optimize their website, leading to improved online conversions, revenue, and engagement."

"The OpinionLab/Tealeaf solution provides unparalleled visibility into online user behavior," said Kathy Heldman, OpinionLab CMO. "This 360 degree customer view empowers executives to respond to feedback in hours rather than days or weeks, letting them know immediately whether a product or marketing campaign is meeting the expectations of its intended audience."

"By using Tealeaf in addition to classic web analytics, we can actually solve problems that before we could only identify. Tealeaf has developed unique customer behavioral analysis capabilities, and we also often use their call center tool, cxReveal, to allow our customers to replay specific online sessions of interest and keep high-level ebusiness decision makers current on many issues which otherwise would be hidden in legacy systems," said Gary Angel, President and CTO of Semphonic. "Extending this service to our clients is a natural fit because it advances the reach of online analytics -- particularly in the critical area of call center avoidance."

"We're pleased to partner with Tealeaf to help our joint customers optimize their visitors' online experiences," said Eric J. Hansen, President and Founder of SiteSpect. "By using SiteSpect's non-intrusive multivariate and A/B testing solutions with Tealeaf's visibility into a visitor's online experience, our customers can make the right decisions in order to deliver optimal content and services to their end users."

"For many of our clients, Tealeaf can deliver a concrete and almost immediate ROI. That's why we're excited to join the viaTealeaf Partner Network and become one of only a handful of consultancies that is able to offer such a powerful solution. Enabling our clients to precisely measure and understand the user experience on websites and in Web-based applications is a significant value-add to our Web design, user experience and application development consulting services," says Tim McLaughlin, Siteworx President.

"Tealeaf's solutions are becoming mission critical for our clients," said Josh Manion, CEO of Stratigent. "Tealeaf helps to complete the 360 degree view that we need to understand the customers' complete online experiences. Armed with this information, Stratigent's consultants can quickly deliver insights to our clients that optimize the customer experience and contribute to the bottom line of the company."

"Partnering with Tealeaf makes perfect sense because it allows our mutual customers to combine the powerful ad-hoc segmentation capabilities of WebTrends Marketing Lab 2 with the deep, session-by-session inspection capabilities of Tealeaf to tease apart all the customer experience factors that impact marketing performance on a segment by segment basis. The result is unprecedented insight and unequalled ability to act," said Aaron Gray, Director of Open Exchange Partnerships, WebTrends.

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