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November 16, 2010 13:38 ET

TEC Canada Champions Canadian Businesswomen

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Nov. 16, 2010) - TEC Canada's vision is to accelerate the growth and global advancement of Canadian business through professional development and executive mentoring. Canadian businesswomen are integral to TEC's vision.

A recent online discussion, moderated by the Globe and Mail, focused on advancing women in management. During the discussion, a poll showed 16 percent of participants ranked the biggest obstacle to women reaching the top ranks of Canadian corporations as "insufficient mentoring programs."

"Mentorship is the core of TEC," explains TEC Canada President Catherine Osler. "TEC members draw on the first-hand experience and wisdom of their peers and group mentors to focus on their personal and professional leadership goals.

"The goal of TEC mentorship is clear – to develop twenty-first century Canadian leaders, who can achieve personal and professional success through collaboration, continued learning and balanced living. I believe women are uniquely able to demonstrate these leadership qualities, both as senior level executives and entrepreneurs."

Although the number of women occupying senior management positions in Canada is below 20 percent, women are achieving business success, particularly as entrepreneurs. In a recent article from the Globe and Mail, Dave McGinn focused on the trend of women increasingly surpassing men as small business owners. "Who's the boss?" asks McGinn. "If we're talking about small and medium-sized companies, those with 500 employees or less, chances are it's a woman."

"Supporting female Canadian entrepreneurs is important to TEC and one of my passions," says Osler. TEC congratulates Dunya Marijan-Winterson and Jill White for appearing on Profit magazine's W100 – a ranking of the 100 most successful business firms owned and operated by women. As Osler says, "Their success is what TEC is focused on helping women achieve."

Marijan-Winterson is President and CEO of WM+A, providing short and long-term support for children, youth or adults with autism and developmental exceptionalities. "The mentorship and peer support available through TEC enables me to keep focused on my leadership and strategic goals whilst enhancing my personal development," explains Marijan-Winterson. "As a leader in the field of direct services, WM+A continues to make a difference by delivering transparent and accountable evidence based services. Real-time access to critical decision making information drives our customers and being part of organizations like TEC helps me advance the business timely, successfully and with integrity."

White echoes Marijan-Winterson's sentiments. "As a TEC member, connecting with a group of diverse peers can be collaborative, empowering and a great growth experience." As the President of Waterplay Solutions Corp. which designs and manufactures safe and fun aquatic play equipment for use in water and spray parks, White is thrilled with the company's placement on Profit's W100. The recognition is a testament to both White and Marijan-Winterson's leadership.

TEC Chair Joyce Groote, who appeared on the 2006, 2007 and 2008 Profit W100 as President and CEO at Holeys, joins Osler in celebrating the success of TEC members Marijan-Winterson and White. "I celebrate and applaud the women who are really putting Canadian businesses on the map." A proponent of mentorship herself, Groote adds, "My experience of being successfully mentored as a TEC member was a key factor in my decision to become a TEC Chair."

Groote was recently this year's Keynote Speaker at the Women in Leadership (WIL) Foundation's 3rd Annual Superwomen and Friends Gala which raised funds for WIL's mentorship program.

Osler readily supports Groote's community engagement. "Women are increasingly defining the mentorship of other Canadian businesswomen which is part of the answer to advancing women in management and as business owners," notes Osler.

TEC is committed to helping Canadian businesswomen forge success and face the challenges of the current economic climate. Creating an environment that promotes learning while enhancing a businesswoman's ability to influence and lead is paramount. TEC helps twenty-first century business leaders to reflect strength, confidence and veracity.

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