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TEC Canada

April 10, 2012 19:21 ET

TEC Canada Welcomes Four New Chairs in Vancouver

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - April 10, 2012) - TEC Canada is pleased to announce the addition of four new chairs in the Vancouver area. Peter Kibiuk, Barbara Mowat, Jens Nilausen and Sandra Wear each bring their varied but formidable experience to their roles as TEC group leaders.

TEC Canada chairs facilitate the growth and development of Canadian business leaders through forums such as monthly group meetings and one-to-one discussions designed to enhance collaboration, advocacy and inspiration for achievement in business.

Kibiuk, with over 20 years of international business operations and marketing experience in high technology, wireless and digital media sectors, brings a proven track record of leading and managing teams to deliver profitable revenue and market share growth at fast-paced Fortune 500 companies and SME organizations. "In an increasingly global marketplace, I look forward to engaging with business leaders and helping them broaden their individual perspectives, remain relevant and generate access to new opportunities. That's a large part of the TEC Canada leadership experience."

Mowat, a renowned trade and international business development specialist, is passionate about strong leadership. "I'm eager to continue sharing my breadth and depth of knowledge with new businesses," says Mowat. With over 25 years experience in a wide variety of industries and sectors, she brings an impressive knowledge of what makes a business succeed and flourish.

Nilausen values mentorship, specializing in helping business owners and leaders reach peak levels of business performance and personal achievement by focusing on improvement opportunities related to sales and revenue growth, team performance, time and priority management and appreciation of business value. Facing market volatility and succeeding while working in leadership positions on five continents and living on three has provided Nilausen "with the experience to work with the ups and downs of business without losing perspective and strategy".

With over 15 years of experience as an innovative business leader, Wear describes herself as "an entrepreneur and former CEO who has dealt with multiple aspects of building a business from deploying solutions for Fortune 500 clients, expanding into new markets and implementing product innovation to negotiating both multi-million dollar sales and financing transactions". Having faced the challenges of being the lone CEO, Wear understands that "you need to put your game face on with your Board, management team and employees but you can't play your best game without a safe harbour - a group of peers - with whom you can consult on how to tackle challenges and leverage opportunities".

All four chairs are confident in the significance of what TEC offers business leaders in the Vancouver area. Nilausen shares, "TEC is like each member has a private board where they can solve problems, develop strategies, brainstorm ideas and most importantly find support from a group of peers who do not have a personal vested interest in what direction you chose and understand the issues that you are facing."

Mowat expands on the value of TEC and peer-to-peer mentorship: "Boundaries are pushed by your peers who are going to be both tough and supportive. It is not about making another group of social friendships, it is about understanding each other's business issues and challenges to help you achieve your success."

Understanding business issues and bringing leaders together to push the boundaries of their success is what TEC does best. Wear asks, "How else can you reach beyond conventional boundaries to achieve the 'near impossible'? Does a serious athlete consider competing at high performance sports without peers and coaches to critique, assess, motivate and support? How is business any different?"

As all four chairs are cognizant of Vancouver's community and the potential of leaders to give back, Kibiuk adds, "The mentorship experience TEC offers to business leaders, supports a generative behaviour that will elevate a member's leadership potential for achieving economic growth and social development, both in business and the community!"

TEC Canada welcomes each of the new Vancouver chairs. Kibiuk, Mowat, Nilausen and Wear are currently accepting new members in their groups. For more information, please visit:





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