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TEC Canada

October 18, 2010 17:51 ET

TEC Canada Welcomes New Chair Joyce Groote

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Oct. 18, 2010) - TEC Canada is excited to announce Joyce Groote, CEO and President of Holeys, as one of our newest Chairs.

As the Chair of TEC 335, Joyce - a Vancouverite – has put a sharp focus on building her new TEC group's core. She knows that starting with a strong set of founding members is a sure recipe for success.

Her first two ingredients to this recipe are Lesley Stowe and Carolyn Cross, two successful females in their own right. Lesley Stowe, a Parisian-trained chef and author of her own cookbooks, is owner and President of Lesley Stowe Fine Foods.

Carolyn Cross, CEO of Ondine BioPharma Corporation, develops non-antibiotic therapies that involve the use of topically applied solution followed by the application of light therapy. Ondine now has a number of approved products, including one for preventing MSRA infections, a well publicized threat to hospital patients. 

Her third ingredient is Roland Haebler of The Haebler Group, a general contracting company carrying out a variety of different sized projects. The company is especially renowned for its quality concrete work, quality finishes, fair dealings and schedule performance.

"These members have incredible track records and will provide a strong foundation and peer support for the professional development of each other and new group members", says Joyce. "I look forward to growing this group with Canadian entrepreneurs and chief executives from various industries."

Joyce's career path includes her current position running Holeys Canada Inc, scientific research as a geneticist as well as experience in academia, government and non-profit sectors. "That's what TEC is all about. Essentially members act as each others unofficial board of advisors by providing different perspectives and expertise. My role is to help my members be at the top of their game where they strive to reach their revenue and profit goals by becoming more effective leaders."

Catherine Osler, President of TEC, welcomes Joyce into the TEC community. "Her eclectic skill set, evident business knowledge, breadth of professional experience and leadership are invaluable in her role as TEC Chair. The passion she has for executive development will encourage both passion and growth in others."

About TEC Canada: 

TEC Canada's vision is to accelerate the growth and global development of Canadian business through professional development and executive mentoring. TEC Canada is the preeminent peer to peer mentoring program for Canadian business leaders. To join TEC is to connect with professionals who have a passion for business, leadership and enterprise creation. For more information on TEC Canada and how our CEO association can advance the growth and development of your business visit www.tec-canada.com.

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