SOURCE: Vertical Acceleration, Inc.

May 05, 2007 16:38 ET

The Tech 'Accelerator,' Presents Its Roadmap for the Future at the SCIA Capital Conference

Vertical Acceleration Successfully Completes Its First Round of Funding and Announces a $2 MM Second Round Offering Commencing May 1st 2007

SAN CLEMENTE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 5, 2007 --Vertical Acceleration ( - VA) announces that it has opened a second round of funding for $2 MM. On Saturday, April 14, 2007 the company presented its offering to the investment community at the Southern California Investment Association (SCIA) Capital Conference.

VA was sponsored and introduced by Gary Bryant, of Newport Capital Consultants and Founder of the SCIA, as "the hottest, young tech company in Orange County." SCIA's goal is to highlight outstanding companies, assisting them in building exposure and accessing financing.

"Our price per share has risen based on our performance, roadmap, and OZT's future projects. We are one step closer to realizing our corporate goal of an IPO," states Dan Cwieka, CEO of Vertical Acceleration.

Ones & Zeros Technologies, Inc. ( - OZT), a wholly owned subsidiary of VA, serves as the technology platform for VA and is an integral part of VA's Accelerator business model. OZT is on track to achieve more than 45% revenue growth for Q2 2007. OZT has consistently increased revenue growth since its inception in 2006.

The VA 'Accelerator Model' targets technology companies that are synergistic with existing holdings; VA seeks companies with the potential to grow rapidly without the significant risks associated with early stage start-ups. Shareholder value is maximized by unlocking the hidden value within the acquired companies. The opportunity is enhanced through the identification, development and deployment of IP or new technology paradigm shifts. Value is created by unlocking the hidden value within portfolio companies.

About Vertical Acceleration:

Vertical Acceleration is a diversified technology firm that unlocks the hidden value of portfolio companies. VA provides a unique platform for promising technology companies to accelerate revenue and maximize their valuation. Portfolio companies achieve measurable increases in valuation and revenue growth by leveraging VA's core competencies in technology, corporate partnerships, enhanced management and capitalization.

About Ones & Zeros Technologies:

Ones and Zeroes Technologies, Inc. (OZT) is an Original Design Manufacturer of intelligent, network-enabled products for consumer electronics, avionics, aerospace, medical, military, and automotive industries. Core competencies include: application, embedded and Web-enabled operating systems, Mpeg-2/4 decoders, LCD Controllers, telecom (hand-held products), Broadcast-TV-Film-Imaging-Graphics, streaming media, digital rights management and database development. OZT has domain expertise in printed circuit board design, layout, overseas manufacturing, sales, logistics and distribution of PCB's throughout North America.

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