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August 04, 2016 08:35 ET

Tech Alert: Diagnosing and Correcting Application Performance Problems in Software-Defined Storage Architectures

Falconstor Experts Offer Advice on Using Analytics in SDS to Mitigate Performance and Capacity Management

MELVILLE, NY--(Marketwired - August 04, 2016) - Software defined storage (SDS) environments offer many advantages, but also introduce additional complexities that can cause application performance and capacity problems. To address and solve these problems may require intelligent analytics tools, say experts at FalconStor Software® Inc. (NASDAQ: FALC), a 16-year innovator of software-defined storage solutions.

SDS permits data and applications to reside across a diverse infrastructure, different server nodes, different external storage systems, across different networks, and different infrastructure. While it offers many advantages, SDS can make troubleshooting and diagnostics much more difficult.

"There are many points in the SDS data path that can cause application performance problems," said Marc Staimer, president of Dragon Slayer Consulting in Beaverton, OR, which specializes in network storage and storage management. "Isolating, let alone anticipating, application performance problems in a SDS ecosystem is frequently an overwhelming challenge."

SDS systems cannot generally prognosticate when an application performance problem is going to occur -- some can identify that a problem has occurred, but not where the problem lies. Third-party application performance monitoring can identify problems, but not what causes them. Prediction management and simplified troubleshooting with FalconStor's intelligent predictive analytics can identify problems and their causes by monitoring real-time performance, health and inventory information from the entire ecosystem including physical drives, storage pools, virtual LUNs, and the connected physical hosts. Administrators set service levels and rules for day-to-day provisioning and operations, and get alerts when bottlenecks impact performance, and when utilization trends indicate a future problem.

"The rapid market trend to SDS has been overwhelmingly positive in terms of delivering data and application services efficiently," said FalconStor's Vice President of Technology Farid Yavari. "However, it's important to consider that behind this converged and virtualized storage there is an underlying infrastructure complexity, which is masked by the software. Predictive analytics are another way to mitigate complexity and get the best value from SDS."

For the full white paper "Eliminating Application SDS Performance and Capacity Management Contortionism With Predictive Analytics" by Staimer, visit

FreeStor® is a converged, hardware-agnostic, software-defined storage and data services platform with intelligent predictive analytics. Its horizontal architecture unlocks a new world of storage opportunities, allowing IT managers, MSPs, and CSPs to maximize efficiencies and lower costs while taking advantage of the public cloud, hybrid cloud, flash storage and software-defined storage. FalconStor's groundbreaking Intelligent Abstraction® approach delivers seamless access and unified data services across entire storage infrastructures without having to invest in new technology, and extends the useful life of existing platforms. Always-on availability and continuity keep businesses running while enabling them to move, synchronize and protect data seamlessly across virtual and physical storage platforms.

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