SOURCE: M-CAT Enterprises; Tech Innovation Network

M-CAT Enterprises; Tech Innovation Network

May 29, 2013 07:45 ET

Tech Innovation Network Recognizes Father of Data Warehousing, Textual Data Analytics and of Data Scientists Bill Inmon With Lifetime Achievement Award

An Exclusive Group of Certified Data Scientists, Including M-CAT Enterprises CEO Anyck Turgeon, Met to Study and Honor Inmon's Latest Technological Discoveries in Advanced Decision Support, Textual Disambiguation Plus Big Data and Unstructured Data Analytics

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - May 29, 2013) - Tech Innovation Network (TIN), the global forum showcasing the latest in tech innovation, presented its first Lifetime Tech Innovation Achievement Award to Bill Inmon in Denver, Colorado on May 22, 2013. 

ABOUT BILL INMON: Inmon is best known as the father of data warehousing and most recently for his ground-breaking technologies in advanced decision support like textual disambiguation. Inmon is one of the top seven most influential tech innovators in the history of computers. With millions of decision support systems having been deployed across 153 countries, 52 books published in 9 languages and over 1,000 referenced articles, Bill Inmon continues to develop ground-breaking technologies that help businesses, governments, the tech industry and world economies grow towards unparalleled summits.

"Where Bill Inmon leads, the world has been following for more than 35 years," says Turgeon, internationally recognized security expert CEO of M-CAT Enterprises. "Selecting Inmon to receive TIN's inaugural lifetime achievement award was easy given his on-going extraordinary technological accomplishments and the pivotal technological benefits that companies like Walmart, Commercial Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) and Nike have used to become global industry leaders."

ABOUT INMON'S LATEST TECHNOLOGICAL DISCOVERY: With 80 percent of enterprise data being unanalyzed by current systems, corporate executives and managers are rendering decisions today based on insufficient corporate and market information. Similar to the critical role that data warehousing played nearly 25 years ago, Inmon's latest textual disambiguation solutions empower true data scientists to create, explore and analyze larger data sets that were not considered before in a rapid, highly-repetitive and costs-saving manner. By implementing such innovative approaches, enterprises of all sizes have a unique opportunity to rapidly turn around their business models, creating appealing and lucrative solutions, reducing unnecessary corporate costs, gaining market leadership and increasing revenue opportunities by at least 20 percent within 2 to 3 years.

Having realized award-winning business accomplishments and having been trained on Inmon's latest unstructured data management solutions, Turgeon attests to seeing how a single business implementation of textual disambiguation solutions saved a million dollars per month for a mid-size U.S. corporation.

Better critical decisions can be made based on a complete panorama of analyzed information. Enterprises can save money, time and resources through solutions like: intelligent fraud prevention, pro-active risk mitigation, automated contracts management, integrated social media-based sentiment reactions systems and highly-accurate financial statement reconciliation. Return-on-investment can be reached more rapidly and a wide array of opportunities arises to outpace competitors.

"Given the thousands of varied deployment opportunities that companies can benefit from Inmon's latest textual disambiguation, the world is now facing a revolutionary wave of technological innovation that will once again change the Global and Fortune 500 landscapes," said Turgeon. 

The Tech Innovation Network forum is excited to recognize Bill Inmon as a true visionary and leader, for continuing to design innovative solutions that enable businesses, governments and economies to grow by using technology to meet today and tomorrow's market needs. For more information about Inmon's latest technologies, visit:  To secure a free proof of concept and experience the benefits of textual disambiguation, submit your request to

About the Award - Tech Innovation Network selected a famous Bennett award for its inaugural Lifetime Tech Innovation Achievement Award. The crystal sculpture "Reach for the Summit" was selected as it reflects Inmon's revolutionary accomplishments and herculean impact of his solutions globally. Designed by acclaimed artist Peter Wayne Yenawine, the stylized mountain peak design represents Inmon's extraordinary work and accomplishments.

About Tech Innovation Network (TIN) - Founded in 2009, the Tech Innovation Network offers a forum for showcasing and discussing the latest innovation issues in areas such high tech, cleantech, biotech, healthcare, agriculture and energy. For more information, visit:

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