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August 01, 2006 09:00 ET

Tech Soft 3D Wins in Renaming of Tech Soft America

Company Seeks Your Opinion on Top 10 Names They Didn't Pick

BERKELEY, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 1, 2006 -- The company formerly known as Tech Soft America, a leading provider of premier development tools, training and consulting to the engineering software industry, today announced it will celebrate its 10th birthday with the renaming of the company to Tech Soft 3D (TS3D). You can now find them online at: or at their newly purchased headquarters in Berkeley, CA.

Although it's much too late to matter, TS3D would love to get your vote on which name we should have chosen. We invite you to review the list of "Top Ten Names We Didn't Pick" and cast your ballot. The first 100 survey participants will get a limited edition Tech Soft 3D t-shirt. Just imagine what those will be worth on eBay one day!

Ron Fritz, Managing Partner for Tech Soft 3D, noted, "While I could wax lyrical about how our new name and logo positions us for the new millennium, I realize that Tech Soft 3D is neither a major nor earth-shattering change. Our mission on our 10th anniversary is the same as on our first day in 1996 -- to provide premium component technologies to help companies building engineering software. The move to Tech Soft 3D re-affirms that we're about the steak, not the sizzle."

Let us know which is your favorite of the "Top Ten Names We Didn't Pick"!

Take the survey by clicking here:

Don't forget, first 100 will get a Limited Edition t-shirt!

Top Ten Names The Company Formerly Known as Tech Soft America Didn't Pick:

1. TSA. One sympathetic industry analyst pointed out that this trick (changing your name to the acronym everyone uses anyway) has already been done by a popular chicken fast-food chain and a leading PLM company. We'd hate to be called a copycat so we pulled it.

2. Lords of the Rings. We're a company full of geeks with 3 rings as our logo, so this name seemed perfect! Alas, the saga continued when the legal team for a certain Mr. Tolkein's estate didn't get the joke. Of course, we still insist all our developers refer to HOOPS as "my precious" here at the shire. We also continue to hire based on how much candidates look like Golem.

3. The HOOPS Guys. The other name everyone calls us, no matter what our real name is. However, we now offer a number of other components besides our flagship HOOPS product so this didn't fit. Not to shamelessly plug our other components, but we also offer the Spatial's 3D InterOp translators, Adobe's PDF Library SDK, Autodesk's RealDWG Toolkit and UGS' Parasolid Kernel Modeler. Feel free to keep calling us "The HOOPS Guys," though. We still secretly love it.

4. Tech Soft Americas/Europe/Asia/Australasia/Africa and Antarctica. It was brought to our attention that some continents were feeling left out by our rather territorial name. We liked this one, but couldn't find a way to fit it on our business cards.

5. Tech Soft Global Components. Too grandiose, plus it would tip our hands to competitors that we intend to take over the world. Our attorney, a former employee of a certain Redmond-based company, advised against being too overt about our plans for global domination. So, please, don't tell anyone.

6. OakTown Software. This seemed like a really good fit, until we bought headquarters in nearby Berkeley and began to plan our imminent departure from Oakland. Maybe, like the Oakland-Los Angeles-Oakland Raiders we can one day be paid a hugely handsome fee for returning to our original home. Until then, this name is out of the running.

7. The Greatest Little Software Company No One Has Ever Heard Of. This was the idea of our marketing manager. Well, our former marketing manager. It was too long, and we thought if anyone ever DID hear of us it would no longer be appropriate.

8. Components-R-Us. We probably don't need to give much of an explanation for why this was nixed, but if you need one it's simple: we're all about quality, not quantity. Plus, we didn't want the pressure of having "blowout sales" every major holiday.

9. Ron Fritz Software. This kept popping up on Ron's short list. However, it was doomed when a company-wide survey revealed that it only received a single vote. That voter shall remain anonymous.

10. Our Components Rock Inc.! Catchy, but a bit low-brow and a tad too aggressive for our taste.

Now is your chance to weigh in and see what others would have picked. Go ahead, take the survey and get yourself an out-of-print collectors-item t-shirt:

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