SOURCE: TechCapital Group, Inc.

August 19, 2005 08:17 ET

TechCapital Group Forms R&D Analytics Operating Group

R&D Analytics Will Accelerate Time to Market for Biomedical Industry

NEWPORT BEACH, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 19, 2005 -- TECHCAPITAL GROUP®, the leading provider of Competitive Technical Intelligence and R&D Analytics to the biomedical engineering marketplace, has formed an R&D analytics clinical sub-specialty group. This R&D analytics clinical sub-specialty group is dedicated to assessment and classification of clinical complications within specific therapeutic categories.

Thomas Haenggi, Managing Director, said, "This decision is very important for TechCapital Group's existing Fortune 200 clients because it aligns our scientific expertise in technology forecasting, R&D risk management, emerging industry assessment, technology scouting and patent mapping with the clinical pathology component of the equation."

He continues by saying, "We have done a lot to deliver systematic decision support frameworks to the biomedical R&D communities since 1992; the current R&D decision support frameworks have been instrumental in classifying emerging and disruptive technologies, enabling our clients accelerated time to market and increased ROI within the product development R&D portfolio." He continues by saying, "The clinical sub-specialty group is a team of PhDs in clinical pathology whose role is to assess technology gaps through rigorous and systematic classification of clinical complications. Furthermore, the group of clinical pathologists will work with a SWOT team of technical engineering specialists to deliver unparalleled analytics to our existing client base of Fortune 200 organizations.


TechCapital Group, Inc. (TCG) is a California Corporation whose operations are based in Newport Beach, California; Geneva, Switzerland and Tokyo, Japan. Founded in 1992, TechCapital Group is a think tank of M.D.s, PhDs in Clinical Pathology and Engineers dedicated to impacting R&D metrics in the field of biomedical engineering, pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals.

TechCapital Group provides continuous cost-effective mission critical technical intelligence and R&D decision support solutions to the biomedical engineering marketplace. Our plug-in solutions are dedicated to R&D operations with constrained resources. These R&D operations with constrained resources seek world class unparalleled benchmarking, R&D intelligence, clinical pathology analytics, technology scouting and patent mining.

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