SOURCE: Business Enthusiast Matt Argall

Business Enthusiast Matt Argall

September 25, 2014 00:07 ET

Technology of Tomorrow: Matt Argall Introduces New Social Media Monetization Platform

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwired - Sep 25, 2014) - Social Media was first created as a way for people to connect with others; whether it is reaching out to people from your past, maintaining current relationships or making new friendships. However, recently Social Media has evolved into a monetization platform. Facebook and Twitter are known for using advertising to connect companies with users but now companies are engaging in Social Media in a new way: With around one billion active Facebook users and over 200 million active Twitter users in the world, the selling platform is huge and a great way to expand a business. Small companies can benefit from using Social Media to promote their business because it requires low start up and maintenance costs. More and more organizations are able to build their existence without a physical location, which improves their reach and bottom line.

The era of big business taking over and overshadowing smaller business is becoming a thing of the past. Through Social Media, smaller companies have a chance to thrive and grow in sales through an increased ability to reach the masses. The hardest part for a smaller business is its visibility through all of the well-known big businesses out there. Entrepreneur Matt Argall recognized this problem and has developed a way that small companies can do just that. With his background in Internet marketing, Argall has the uncanny ability to see the big picture and find ways to help companies increase their virtual presence.

Big businesses have an edge in monetizing Social Media platforms because they already have a widely known reputation. However, this fact should not dissuade smaller companies. While it is difficult, using social networking platforms is a definite possibility for any company. Matt Argall explains his concept as follows: "It doesn't matter how small a company is in comparison to its competitor; as long as you have the right idea, there is a place for you in social media." Building brand awareness is a critical first step of building any company's online presence and not difficult to do with the help of a marketing expert. Creating dialogue with Social Media users increases brand awareness, builds rapport and increases the chances of sales. Finally, an online shop on a site such as Facebook, can keep a company's name constantly in front of the eyes of consumers through their timelines. According to Argall, "Social Media is the future of marketing. We've never before seen a form of marketing that can reach millions of people within minutes. That should be capitalized on."

Business enthusiast and avid entrepreneur, Matt Argall spent most of his childhood in Canada before moving to sunny Florida where he lives with his wife and son today. Open to new opportunities in myriad industries, Matt has a keen eye for business ideas that are bigger and better than their existing competitors. With many established businesses under his belt, he has made a name for himself as an entrepreneur and well-revered corporate advisor. At the early age of 17, Matt met his first business partner whom he helped save an online company through his marketing efforts. Since then he has founded and owned many more businesses in various industries where he continues to succeed in his endeavors.

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