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January 19, 2017 10:31 ET

Technology Startup University Beyond releases Survey Results from 600 Gen-Z students across the US; Announces new Insights Division

Post Election GenZ Feels Unheard, Fears War, & Vows to "Never let this Happen Again" as They Look to Unite as a Generation

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jan 19, 2017) - With inauguration day upon us, pundits have begun to decode how the different voter segments feel about the results. This week, the college focused tech start up University Beyond, which matches employers to college talent, activated its nascent Insights division, UBI, alongside its partner Shine Scout, Inc., to survey college students across the country about what they were feeling, post-election.

The results came in rapidly and fiercely focused from students across the United States. These newly minted first time voters -- Gen Z, as they are called, stood true to their growing reputation as inclusive, intelligent, even-tempered, thoughtful and hardworking. Politely, but unflinchingly, they spoke of being left out by this election.

In fact, close to 70% of those asked felt that their generation "wasn't heard". This newest generation, also known as 'The Plurals' for their diversity of race and religion, were quick to point out the America belongs to all people, regardless of their race, culture or sexual choices. In their own words to the incoming president, "Take another look at the way you treat other people -- women, girls, people of color, lgbt people, muslims -- and remember that they are people you are now responsible for. We are not the other, we are your country, and you must respect us." They sense a deep threat to the rights of women, and the safety of minorities, as well as the specter of war. When selecting from a list of post-election issues, close to 60% of students checked these as their top concerns. But their cries of foul are by no means shrill, or passive.


  • Over 60% cite the desire to 'do something positive"
  • 40% electing to express this by joining with their peers to make sure this never happens again. 
  • 31% look to protest peacefully
  • 31% look to become activists

When asked about their specific hopes and fears, they haltingly look forward to a time of increased financial prosperity and a regaining of economic strength. This is strongly overshadowed, however, by a fear of war, and the sense that we, as a nation, have begun a rapid descent into civil unrest and racial bigotry. They are very frightened. However, they have shown themselves, since birth, to be steady and thoughtful -- and we see this in their view of the future: it is murky and uncertain, but they are willing to wait and see what happens. They are on watch, however, and are determined and ready to step in and make things right. Consistent with their reputation as a solution focused, hard working group, they are not setting themselves up as victims, or throwing blame at anyone. They are willing and able to take on the worst scenario and want to have a part in creating a better future

Methodology - Qualtrics software was used, with a combination of multiple choice and open ended responses. Over 600 students people replied to the survey covering all US states. (With the exception of Hawaii, Alaska and Montana.)

UB and Shine Scout have partnered to create UBI, a proprietary insight reporting platform, to offer companies and brands real time access to the hearts and minds of today's college students.

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