April 22, 2008 07:00 ET

Technology Startup Unveils a New Way to "Browse" the Web

Vysr RoamAbout Is the First Application to Enable Consumers to Take Their Web Services and Social Networks With Them, Wherever They Go on the Web

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - April 22, 2008) - Web 2.0 EXPO -- A new Silicon Valley company came out of stealth today, unveiling a new way for consumers to browse the Web. At the Web 2.0 EXPO conference in San Francisco, Vysr will debut RoamAbout -- the first application that enables consumers to tap their favorite Web services and social networks wherever they go on the Web. Both a downloadable Web browser plug-in and an open Web application platform, Vysr RoamAbout provides developers with a more expansive distribution channel for today's "user-centric Web."

Web 2.0 EXPO attendees can download Vysr RoamAbout for use during every conference session to ask questions of panelists and chat with each other by going here:

For consumers, the Web is evolving from a site-centric to a user-centric experience. While consumers have the choice of many Web services and social networks, none of them adapt to the way consumers actually want to browse the Web. Vysr was founded on the premise that consumers today need a simple way to take their services and networks wherever they go on the Web.

"Today, consumers are forced to browse multiple sites to accomplish a single task or are shackled to one site to use a particular service," said Guda Venkatesh, CEO of Vysr. "This site-centric model limits how and where consumers can engage, interact with, and enjoy their favorite Web sites and services, including how much time they spend doing various tasks. We solve this problem by delivering a new level of freedom for consumers to use and share any of their Web services in any browsing context -- all on their own terms."

The new technology has implications for a number of markets -- Web application development, media and advertising.

"If you accept the premise that the Web is evolving from a site-centric to a user-centric experience, then you need to understand how you will be affected by this change," said Ben Bajarin, analyst with Creative Strategies. "Web application developers now have a more expanded distribution channel through which consumers can more easily use their Web services wherever they go on the Web. Media companies or other content-focused sites can now empower their site visitors with the ability to tap a range of Web services and social networks without having to leave their sites. And if you are an advertiser, you may be interested in exploring what very well may become the most immersive, interactive platform for serving ad content to users who know and say what they are seeking."

A New Era of Web Development

Unlike "aggregation services" and social Web browser/toolbars, Vysr RoamAbout is the only application that enables consumers to take their services with them, anywhere on the Web. Other approaches require consumers to leave their destination site and go to another site to retrieve a service -- severely limiting the consumer's ability to remain on the destination site and interact with its content. The user-centric approach also introduces a new frontier of Web application development -- services that come alive in a world where consumers need to use cutting-edge new services to better engage with the content they encounter as they roam about the Web. As a Web services platform, RoamAbout exposes a rich set of service enablers such as a voice and text communication infrastructure, connectors to social networks and identity management. No other Web application development platform today provides developers with this opportunity to create portable Web services.

"The user-centric Web will usher in a new generation of Web application development," said Venkatesh. "In the site-centric world, many innovative applications had limited utility. With our open platform, we hope to evangelize a new class of applications purposely-designed for the user-centric Web."

Vysr RoamAbout is currently available immediately for Firefox at

About Vysr

A pioneer in applications for the new "user-centric Web," Vysr provides consumers with a new way to browse the Web, enabling them to tap their favorite Web services and social networks wherever they go on the Web. The company was founded by Guda Venkatesh, a visionary with 20 years of experience in the presence and communications industry, who originated the concepts of Presence and Availability Management (PAM). While at Alcatel-Lucent's Bell Labs, he led the development of presence and availability standards as the founder of the industry consortium PAM Forum. Prominent technologist, entrepreneur, and Google Research Team founding member, Rajeev Motwani, sits on Vysr's advisory board. Vysr is privately funded by several influential Silicon Valley angle investors, including Ron Conway, The Sandhill Group, and Mark Sherman of Battery Ventures. Vysr also has venture funding from Venture East. For more information, please visit

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