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December 23, 2008 09:00 ET

TechSoup Global's Top 10 Tips for a Green New Year

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - December 23, 2008) - With Christmas just days away and the end of the year looming, many individuals and organizations are thinking about "green" New Year's resolutions and the best ways of recycling obsolete computers and other hardware. TechSoup Global's GreenTech initiative is here just in the nick of time with its "Top 10" list of tips to make more environmentally conscious choices in technology product recycling, and with "green" IT practices you can implement year-round.

10 Green Technology Tips for 2009

1. Set a green goal for the year and encourage everyone in your office to do the same. Make a difference in 2009!

2. Set the "sleep" (power management) settings on your computer to automatically turn your monitor, hard drive or entire system off after specific periods of inactivity, and ask your organization to implement a policy on it. Save money and electricity!

3. Print double-sided, narrow the print margins and use print-management software such as GreenPrint. Save money, paper, water and forests!

4. Use rechargeable batteries. Save money and reduce toxics in landfills!

5. Choose refurbished computers or EPEAT-rated new computers. Save money and reduce toxics in landfills! Qualifying nonprofits and libraries can find low-cost refurbished computers at TechSoup Stock.

6. Use re-manufactured toner and ink cartridges or get personal ones refilled. Save money and reduce toxics in landfills!

7. Buy or lease re-manufactured copiers, printers and all-in-one machines (e.g., copier, printer, scanner, fax). Companies such as IKON provide "like new" machines at a reduced cost. Save money and reduce toxics in landfills!

8. Use smart power strips. Save money and electricity when they automatically turn off your accessories (i.e., monitor, speakers, printer) when you shut down your computer!

9. Use electronic fax solutions, such as MyFax, an Internet-based secure fax service. Reduce your need for paper, toner and hardware and save money, paper and toxics in landfills! Qualifying nonprofits and libraries can find this product donation at TechSoup Stock.

10. Recycle your old electronics (anything with a plug), batteries, CFLs and ink cartridges. Reduce toxics in landfills! You can learn how to recycle electronics and find recycling centers here.

You can find tips for implementing these changes and product links in this GreenTech blog post.

TechSoup Global, one of the most comprehensive nonprofit technology resources in the world, recently launched its GreenTech Initiative to build upon the organization's groundbreaking work in computer recycling and reuse, expanding it to educate and support nonprofits' efforts toward "going green" in terms of technology usage. The program offers individuals and organizations a wealth of hands-on information on how to save energy and optimize resources to minimize their environmental impact. The GreenTech pages of TechSoup Global's site feature blog posts, articles, and research to help individuals and organizations in their efforts to become more "green."


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