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June 06, 2007 08:00 ET

TechTarget and Contoural Release eBook on Email Archiving

NEEDHAM, MA and MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - June 6, 2007) - Information technology (IT) media company TechTarget, Inc. and Contoural, a leading independent provider of business and technology consulting services for litigation readiness, compliance, policy development and data and storage strategy, today announced the immediate availability of a new eBook on email archiving. Authored by Kathryn Hilton, Contoural's senior email archiving project manager, the eBook is featured on TechTarget's site -- a leading online resource for enterprise Exchange infrastructure teams. This new title informs business unit managers, IT professionals, and in-house counsel, on how to best approach and develop policies for email archiving, as well as preparing for e-discovery and litigation readiness.

"Companies are increasingly faced with changing federal requirements for data retention, and litigation readiness is emerging as a critical driver for email management. Our aim is to help organizations create policies for email archiving that are both comprehensive and easier to execute from an IT perspective," explains the author, Kathryn Hilton. "'Email Archiving: Planning, Policies and Product Selection' is a fast-paced guide offering executive-level IT managers, email infrastructure teams, and business unit managers the most efficient way to create effective policies that can be successfully executed from an IT perspective. The eBook focuses on tools and technologies for understanding the data and developing policy, as well as defining requirements and choosing the right vendors."

"Email Archiving: Planning, Policies and Product Selection" offers the following informative chapters:

Chapter 1:  How to Plan an Email Archiving Project
Chapter 2:  Defining an Email Archiving Policy
Chapter 3:  Email Archiving Requirements and Features for Risk Reduction
Chapter 4:  Email Archiving Features for Cost Reduction and Employee
Chapter 5:  Email Archiving Vendor Selection
Chapter 6:  Developing an RFP for Email Archiving
New chapters will be posted online as they are completed to offer the most relevant, technically accurate information available. Interested parties may find the eBook on

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