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April 02, 2007 13:36 ET

Tecplot, Inc. Announces the Shipment of Tecplot RS 2007 Release 2

BELLEVUE, WA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 2, 2007 -- Tecplot, Inc., the developer of Tecplot data visualization and technical plotting solutions, announces a new release of Tecplot RS 2007, an integrated plotting tool designed specifically for oil and gas reservoir modeling. Tecplot RS 2007 Release 2 offers many new user-requested enhancements including: the ability to compare well data on a bubble plot; a new plot type for creating complex XY plots; and new functionality for controlling the color legend for grid variables.

First released in 2003, Tecplot RS began as collaboration between Tecplot, Inc. and Chevron. The software was developed to meet the needs of reservoir engineers and allows data from multiple sources to be loaded and displayed in plots ranging from XY graphs to complex 3D renderings. Tecplot RS manages data from multiple reservoir simulation software applications, as well as observed data such as production rates and formation tests.

One company that uses Tecplot RS is iReservoir. The Littleton, CO-based company uses advanced geoscience and engineering technologies to provide its clients -- oil and gas companies -- with sub-surface reservoir characterization, reservoir engineering, and reservoir simulation services.

Jim Gilman, director of Engineering at iReservoir, was one of the beta testers for Tecplot RS 2007 Release 2. He says his company uses Tecplot RS to view how water, oil, and gas (as well as other injectants) flow through a simulated model of subsurface hydrocarbon reservoirs. Gilman is pleased with the new functionality in Tecplot RS 2007 Release 2, especially its ability to enable users to interactively select two solution files for one reservoir grid and create a file that contains the difference between the solution values at each matching time step.

"The new Tecplot RS 2007 release has some powerful new features to further enhance the ability to quickly analyze simulation runs," says Gilman. "I especially like the ability to interactively compare two grid runs as a difference between simulation properties at various time-steps. This allows me to more easily see where changes in model inputs are impacting oil recovery efficiency. For example, I can see how changes in throughput rate and water-gas injection ratios affect CO2 displacement efficiency."

Significant new features included in Tecplot RS 2007 Release 2 are:

--  History Match Well Data Using Delta Bubble Plots. A redesigned Bubble
    plot functionality includes a new option to display 'Delta' bubbles,
    representing the difference between two data sets of well properties (e.g.
    the results from a simulator run and the observed data). The size of the
    bubble can represent the absolute or normalized difference. Positive
    differences are displayed as filled circles, and negative differences are
    displayed as hollow circles. The user can then see the big picture for a
    history match run and identify regions of the reservoir that need more
--  XY Freestyle is used to create complex XY plots that were not possible
    in the other XY plot types. Users can interactively specify each XY mapping
    for each frame on a page. They can create multiple pages of plots, which
    they can step through and edit at any time. Unique functionality enables
    users to choose the data file for each mapping, allowing them to display
    different variables for different entities from different data files -- all
    in one plot. The complete configuration can be saved in an XML format in
    the Project file to be available for future sessions.
--  New Controls for the Grid Variables Color Legend allows users to not
    only specify the range for each variable, but to also enter the number of
    levels to divide the color legend and the number of labels to display on
    the legend. Upper and lower cut-off values can be entered to limit the
    coloring of cells to a specific range for the variable. Different color map
    options can be assigned to the legend for each variable.
--  New Options for Selecting Cells for Additional Operations permit users
    to interactively select groups of cells to be included or excluded from
    additional operations. Users can select the cells individually or as a
    group (defined by a polyline, rectangle, or circle). These cells can then
    be blanked from the plot to exclude them from other operations.
--  Interactive Option for Differencing Two-Grid Solutions. Users can now
    interactively select two solution files for one reservoir grid and create a
    file that contains the difference between the solution values at each
    matching time step. The difference solution is then loaded for viewing in
    Tecplot RS.
Pricing and Availability: Tecplot RS 2007 Release 2 is available now. Pricing for an annual network license is $4,000.00. Special consultant and educational pricing is available upon request.

About Tecplot, Inc.: Founded in 1981, privately held Tecplot, Inc. ( delivers visualization software for engineers and scientists to analyze, discover, and communicate results. In 1988, the Bellevue, WA-based company launched Tecplot, its first software product for the scientific visualization market. Since then, Tecplot, Inc. has been applying and influencing the latest advances in visualization technologies and plotting capabilities. With more than 30,000 users worldwide, Tecplot has become the trusted name in data visualization.

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