June 27, 2013 05:00 ET

TeeFury Opens Its Gallery of Past Daily Shirts for User Voting

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 27, 2013) - TeeFury is excited to announce that it has opened its pop culture T shirt Gallery up to fans for a brand new experience. TeeFury's model of 24-hour limited edition T shirts saw each design removed from the store permanently after its initial run. Until now, that is. Due to popular demand and support from the vast community of fans in the site's forums, users can now vote on past shirts that they may have missed and desperately wish to purchase. A selection of winning shirts will be made available again, much to the pleasure of TeeFurians, the site's loyal followers.

A new organizational tagging system has also been introduced. In addition to simply searching in reverse chronological order, visitors can search for their favorite past design using the title of the shirt, the username of the artist, or by a keyword related to the theme or topic. This functionality aims to provide an easier way to view shirts from TeeFury's history. The tagging system provides a quick method for people to select a genre or type of shirt, such as TV, and navigate quickly to their favorite show, like Doctor Who for example, to see every shirt that refers to the program in its artwork. Fans can also reorganize the list by the most popular in terms of votes. This is a great way to keep track of which design is currently leading the race to be re-produced.

On each T shirt's individual page within the gallery, there is also a new section titled "You Might Also Like These Designs." This compiles a collection of other shirts that relate in some way to the current selection, or have been voted on by other fans that also liked the current shirt.

TeeFury CEO Sam Bruni commented on why the changes were made, saying, "Bringing back past designs is by far the most popular request from our community. With the addition of voting now, we're one step closer to accomplishing that feature for them."

TeeFury is a limited edition cheap T shirt website and store. Shirts are put on sale for a 24-hour period before being removed and placed permanently in the gallery. TeeFury thrives on its widespread international community of T shirt artists, designers and fans. Designers apply their unique approach to art and creatively interpret their favorite pieces of pop and geek culture, from TV series to movies, and video games to comic books, into new T shirt designs. Artists retain the rights to and make a portion of the profits for their work while partnering with TeeFury to expand their following

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