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June 22, 2011 11:15 ET

Tekelec Raises the Performance Bar for Policy, SDM and Diameter Routing in 3G and LTE Networks

New Product Releases Integrated on EAGLE XG Platform Enable Service Providers to Better Profit From Explosive Growth in Mobile Data

MORRISVILLE, NC--(Marketwire - Jun 22, 2011) - Tekelec (NASDAQ: TKLC), the mobile broadband solutions company, today announced performance milestones for its Diameter Signaling Router (DSR), Policy Server (PCRF) and Subscriber Data Management (SDM) product families. The latest advances enable service providers to cost-effectively support rapid subscriber, device and traffic increases in the world's largest 3G, IMS and LTE networks.

These enhancements also help service providers deliver innovative services including fair use management, personalized service tiers with guaranteed quality of service (QoS), roaming bill shock prevention, simplified family and group plans across multiple devices, and casual mobile data plans based on time or application usage.

Key product updates include:

  • Integration of all three products onto Tekelec's EAGLE XG platform, a highly scalable middleware layer, to reduce hardware footprint and maintenance costs as well as provide proven reliability and scalability in tier one service provider networks.
  • Diameter Signaling Router capacity up to 500,000 Diameter messages per second (MPS) in a single frame, including redundancy, and support for hundreds of millions of subscribers.
  • Policy Server capacity yielding up to 10,000 transactions per second (TPS) per blade and up to 100,000 TPS per system.
  • Policy Server processing power of up to 60 million concurrent sessions per system.
  • Subscriber Profile Repository (SPR) capacity of up to 5000 TPS per blade.
  • SDM-based IMS-Routing capabilities, which are currently being deployed for 20 million subscribers at a U.S. tier-one operator.
  • Diameter Signaling Router, Policy Server and SDM availability across HP c-Class blades and rackmount servers that triple the processing power per blade and improve footprint density.

Diameter Signaling Router, Policy Server and SDM join Tekelec's Performance Intelligence Center and next-generation session management products, SIP Signaling Router and Service Broker, on the EAGLE XG platform. This next-generation platform provides a highly reliable and flexible service delivery environment for 2G, 3G and 4G mobile networks -- including LTE and IMS -- as well as fixed-line and cable networks.

The DSR provides a single connection point for all Diameter traffic in service providers' 3G, IMS and LTE networks. Tekelec's customers to date are one U.S. tier-one operator deploying a nationwide LTE network, MetroPCS, the first North American LTE network operator, and numerous trial systems in service providers' laboratories. In addition, certain of Tekelec's deployed policy solutions include diameter routing agents that we expect to offer to upgrade to DSRs over time. Common DSR use cases include acting as the Diameter Routing Agent and Diameter Edge Agent as defined by 3GPP, and providing stateful session binding with a PCRF, ensuring that all messages associated with a subscriber's Internet session are processed by the same PCRF in the network. Additional use cases include managing in-network and out-of-network roaming (from 2G/3G to LTE or LTE-to-LTE), providing the Subscriber Locator Function (SLF) for both LTE and IMS Home Subscriber Servers (HSS's), mediating Diameter messages between multiple vendors, and defending networks against potential overloads or attacks of Diameter signaling messages.

Tekelec's Policy Server customer base spans 47 service providers, including 34 tier ones, in 28 countries. First deployments of the latest release start this month with nine tier one customers. The Policy Server is an advanced policy and charging rules function (PCRF) that manages policy rules for subscribers, devices, applications and networks. Service providers can easily create and edit policies to manage traffic volumes and speeds, charging, admission control and QoS parameters. The Policy Server is also interoperable with dozens of vendors' products, enabling deployment in any type of network architecture.

The SDM product family is based on a flexible back-end database, the Subscriber Data Server (SDS), that provides a unified subscriber profile across network domains. The database supports multiple front-end applications, including an LTE or IMS Home Subscriber Server (HSS), next-generation Home Location Register (HLR), a Subscriber Profile Repository, a User Data Repository (UDR), and an Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) Server. Tekelec supports 28 SDM customers, including five tier ones located in the U.S., U.K., India and Brazil. In February, Tekelec surpassed the 225 million subscriber license mark for its SDM products. The platform can be deployed in mobile, VoIP, fixed mobile convergence (FMC), and machine-to-machine (M2M) networks. In addition, certain of Tekelec's deployed policy solutions include subscriber repositories that we expect to offer to upgrade to SDMs over time.

"Tekelec has raised the performance bar for mobile data networks to provide the scalability tier one networks require," said Ron de Lange, president and CEO. "By delivering new levels of performance innovation, Tekelec is committed to helping service providers exceed subscriber expectations for fast, reliable and personalized broadband services."

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