Teknomining Plc

July 08, 2011 09:10 ET

Teknomining Plc Placing

                                            TEKNOMINING PLC

                                      (the "Company" or "Tekno")


The  Directors  of  the  Company announce that the Company has today issued a  total  of  250,000  new
ordinary  shares  of  EURO 0.001 each (the "new Ordinary Shares") at an issue price  of  GBP1.00  (the
"Placing  Price") each, pursuant to a placing (the "Placing"). Today's Placing has raised a  total  of
approximately  GBP250,000. The funds raised via today's Placing will be used  for  the  completion  of
Phase I of the Company's drilling programme.

The  new  Ordinary Shares will rank pari passu with all existing fully paid Ordinary Shares.  The  new
Ordinary  Shares  and  the existing Ordinary Shares both have one right to vote per  share.  Potential
dealings in the new Ordinary Shares on PLUS-quoted will be possible from 11th July 2011 onwards.

The  Company's Directors did not participate in today's Placing. The following table sets out  details
of changes in the percentage of voting rights held by Directors, subsequent to the Placing.

Name                     Number of           Percentage of the    Number of          Percentage of
                         Ordinary Shares,    voting rights in     Ordinary Shares,   the voting
                         with one voting     the issued           with one voting    rights in the
                         right each, held    ordinary share       right each, held   issued ordinary
                         prior to the        capital of the       following the      share capital of
                         Placing             Company prior to     Placing            the Company
                                             Placing (%)                             following the
                                                                                     Placing (%)
Prof. Dr. Zulkuf Guneli     800,000                  2.0%            800,000                2.0%
Michael Holden            4,800,000                 12.0%          4,800,000               11.9%
(Managing Director)                                                                  
Nial Ring                         0                    0%                  0                  0%
(Finance Director)                                                                   
Liam McGrattan*            3,760,000                 9.4%          3,760,000                9.3%

* This includes the holding of Wilhan Limited, a company wholly owned by Liam McGrattan

After  the  issue of the new Ordinary Shares, the Company's total issued capital, with voting  rights,
will be 40,250,070 Ordinary Shares of EURO 0.01 each. There are no warrants or options in issue.

The above figure may be used by the shareholders as the denominator for the calculations by which they
will  determine if they are required to notify their interest in or a change to their interest in  the




Teknomining Plc
Michael Holden, Managing Director
Mob. Ireland: +353 87 249 10 22
Mob. Turkey: +90 534 295 82 61
Email: Teknomining@gmail.com
Website: www.teknomining.com

Yellow Jersey PR
Dominic Barretto, Managing Director
Mob. UK: +44 (0) 7768 537 739
Email: Dominic@yellowjerseypr.com

About Teknomining
Teknomining Plc is engaged in the investigation, exploration, extraction, processing and marketing  of
industrial  and  metallic  minerals in south eastern Turkey. The Company is listed  on  London's  PLUS
Markets  (TEKP)  and  it  has  now secured full rights to two Operational Mining  licences  and  three
Exploration  Licences  over land areas in the Province of Diyarbakir, Eastern Teknomining's  Anatolia.
Teknomining's  primary  strategy is the identification and production of  copper,  chromium,  iron-ore
deposits and other metallic minerals such as molybdenum, nickel, cobalt and titanium.

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