SOURCE: Telchemy, Inc.

October 13, 2008 09:00 ET

Telchemy Announces SQlive, Breakthrough Application for IPTV Service Quality Monitoring

Small Enough for Integration Into IP Set Top Box, Powerful Enough to Monitor Encrypted High Definition IPTV and HD Telepresence Streams

DULUTH, GA--(Marketwire - October 13, 2008) - Telchemy,® Incorporated, the global leader in IPTV and Voice over IP performance management technology, today announced the availability of SQlive, a breakthrough IPTV and IP Videoconferencing performance monitoring application. SQlive is unique in its ability to measure the performance of scrambled/ encrypted IP Video streams, producing Video MOS scores and a wide range of diagnostic metrics; SQlive is compact enough to be easily integrated into IP Set Top Boxes but powerful enough to monitor large numbers of high definition IPTV streams.

SQlive is based on Telchemy's VQmon/HD IP video assessment technology, which analyzes scrambled and unscrambled IPTV streams carried over MPEG Transport or RTP, and IP Videoconferencing/ HD Telepresence streams carried over RTP or SRTP. SQlive automatically identifies video frames and recognizes the type of video content, producing a rich range of metrics and accurate QoE metrics. Metrics include:

--  Video MOS scores that incorporate the effect of packet impairments on
    different video frame types, GoP error propagation, video bandwidth, video
    codec, bandwidth limitation and other factors
--  Video content descriptors, including data on levels of detail and
--  Video content alerts, which detect if content is blank or frozen
--  I/B/P frame statistics, including loss rates within each type of
    frame, bandwidth usage and other key data
--  Video degradation factors, which highlight the key sources of
    performance degradation

SQlive is a compact "drop-in" application that can be easily incorporated into an IP Set Top Box with virtually no software integration required. This powerful application can also analyze large numbers of IPTV streams in real time for IPTV probe or head-end applications.

"We are pleased to introduce SQlive, the latest in our real-time video analysis product range," said Alan Clark, Telchemy's CEO and President. "SQlive is ideal for both IPTV and digital Cable system performance management, and provides a strong solution for IP Videoconferencing and HD Telepresence."

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