SOURCE: Tycoon Telecom, LLC

November 14, 2008 14:26 ET

Telecom Company Develops "Telelaw" Niche

HOLLYWOOD, FL--(Marketwire - November 14, 2008) - Alawyer4you is a legal technology services company offering complete, IP-based video solutions for the telelaw problems facing attorneys and clients in battling law enforcement. Research leading to the development of Alawyer4you was founded by Tycoon Telecom LLC in 2004 to offer a simple service tailored to meet particular needs, addressing a significant dilemma in the legal system: optimal communication among attorneys, clients, experts, witnesses, and other participants in the legal process. The company mastered the way to record live video and audio sessions and stream those sessions through GSM SIM cards and store the session on Tycoon Telecom's network. All video files of police arrest can be retrieved at a later date by lawyers and clients through subscription to Alwyer4you's service. The service will be offered throughout the United States, and already has approximately 2500 lawyers affiliated to this service on duty. This service will support and give defense attorneys the power to change the course of a statement of a police officer. Due process will be very difficult to tamper with using this type of technology.

Alawyer4you was established to address the growing niche industry of "TELELAW." "Telelaw" is defined as the use of technology to facilitate legal services over remote distances. Alwyer4you is dedicated to improving telelaw by connecting specialized lawyers with clients over the Internet, using state-of-the-art video technology and telecommunications networks.

Alawyer4you provides inexpensive, Internet-based videoconferencing solutions to create mutually beneficial flows of information among lawyers, clients, experts, witnesses, and other necessary resources. Alawyer4you's videoconferencing solutions include the ability to securely transmit documents and data in electronic format among all conference participants.

Alawyer4you's system and technology is powered by Tycoon Telecom's proprietary software and hardware hosted on its network. Tycoon Telecom is a telecom technology company and controls other companies that integrate technology with core industries.

Alawyer4you offers telelaw solutions with the goal of ensuring a delay of no more than approximately 3 days from lawyer consultation to advice result. This is not a one-time temporary solution, but is maintained on an ongoing basis. Waiting lists are not necessary for the vast majority of cases, and our ability to serve clients promptly ensures optimal care for clients who require rapid intervention.

For more information please send inquiries to ALAWYER4US@AOL.COM

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