November 29, 2006 13:52 ET

TELEHOUSE Reports Significant One-Year Growth for Its NYIIX & LAIIX Internet Exchanges

New York & Los Angeles Peering Pointed in Right Direction for 2007

NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 29, 2006 --New York City's NYIIX and Los Angeles' LAIIX Internet exchanges announced double-digit increases in the key membership and peak volume traffic benchmarks for the period October 2005 to September 2006. TELEHOUSE America, which operates the peering locations, projects continued growth for the remainder of 2006 and for 2007.

In the past year NYIIX -- The New York International Internet Exchange total membership rose twenty-six percent. The companies peering through the exchange went from seventy-three to ninety-two. The membership at L.A. sibling, LAIIX, grew from twenty-six to thirty-seven, a forty-two percent ascent. Members peering jointly at NYIIX and LAIIX climbed as well.

Upgrades to higher bandwidth helped to fuel both exchanges' peak traffic volume expansions during the same period. TELEHOUSE reported the NYIIX's peak traffic volume went from 10.8Gbps to 19.4Gbps -- an eighty percent improvement. LAIIX -- The Los Angeles International Internet Exchange's peak traffic volume soared two hundred thirty percent -- 1.0Gbps to 3.3Gbps.

TELEHOUSE attributed the successes to focused efforts begun in 2004 by the sales, marketing and Internet engineering teams. In October 2005 the campaign's impact reached a critical mass; spurring noticeably faster growth patterns in membership, upgrades and traffic volume.

Engineering added a remote switch at New York City's 111 Eighth Avenue carrier hotel and created a seamless redundant fabric between the 25 Broadway, 111E and 60 Hudson Street carrier hotels. It equipped the fabric with a 10 GigE interface and extended NYIIX's availability to TELEHOUSE Center on Staten Island at The Teleport. Plus, the team expanded private, virtual private and VoIP peering services at NYIIX and LAIIX, such as jointly making available NeuStar's SIP-IX services to facilitate VoIP peering.

Sales and marketing inaugurated a multi-faceted campaign targeting IIX members and clients at 25B, 626 Wilshire Boulevard, 111E and 60H. The campaign brought about improved brand awareness and recognition, more sales-client communication, and agreements with Europe's key exchanges -- LINX and AMS-IX. Other sales and marketing initiatives generated greater resources and reach, as NeuStar's global SIP-IX product launch, built private peering traffic, working with tier-1 carriers, and introduced a monthly newsletter, News///Waves. The monthly seminar, BREAKFAST ON BROADWAY supplied greater client interaction and business opportunities.

"We anticipated the traffic volume trends driven by the media, entertainment, financial, legal, government and health sectors. NYIIX and LAIIX were ready to handle the demand," said Akio Sugeno, the director of IP engineering at TELEHOUSE America. "Engineering's achievements kept our peering points on the cutting edge," added Fred Cannone, the company's sales manager. "The sales and marketing team got the message out about public, private and VoIP peering, SIP-IX technology services, global cost savings, and then sold-in the concept."

TELEHOUSE America operates NYIIX out of its BROADWAY Center at 25 Broadway in Manhattan, New York. Their LOS ANGELES Center, at 626 Wilshire Blvd. ("626W") in downtown Los Angeles, houses LAIIX, whose dark fiber connection to the 1 Wilshire Boulevard carrier hotel offers direct access to all of the carriers there.

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TELEHOUSE originated carrier-neutral collocation space and services in 1987. Among the many benefits of TELEHOUSE collocation is the ability to connect to state-of-the-art New York (NYIIX; and Los Angeles (LAIIX; peering exchanges. TELEHOUSE provides secure, power-protected environments where customers house and operate their telecommunications and network resources. Companies from a wide range of industries locate their mission critical equipment at TELEHOUSE's NY or CA collocation "meet-me-centers" to profit from the potential business opportunities that exist from other TELEHOUSE customers. Through close ties to its European and Asian sister companies, TELEHOUSE also can provide cost-effective global solutions network-dependent businesses globally. Please visit or contact us

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