June 02, 2005 15:16 ET

TELEHOUSE Seminars Address Instant Messaging, VOIP, Online Advertising, and E-Commerce

CompliancyGroup, Stealth Communications, DirectRevenue, and Digital Edge Serve as Co-Hosts

NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 2, 2005 -- TELEHOUSE America's highly successful BREAKFAST ON BROADWAY seminar series wrapped its fifth session on May 25. Attendees gathered at the BROADWAY Center in New York City's downtown financial and technology district at 25 Broadway. Roland Cozzolino, President and founder of the CompliancyGroup, gave an in-depth presentation on Instant Messaging and fielded questions during a spirited Q&A session.

Cozzolino talked about IM's benefits to enterprise users, including instant and direct customer contact, defining communities, and team meetings/conferencing. He also noted that IM places a minimal burden on email servers and bandwidth. Some of the drawbacks he touched on were firewall holes and the non-existence of non-repudiation, but then commented that solutions are available.

Shrihari Pandit, Stealth Communications founder and CEO, was April's co-host. In his talk about businesses' attraction to VOIP, Pandit touched on what drives VOIP's use. He explained VOIP's components, the case for deployment including advantages, future features, presence, and video and wireless phones, as well as associated issues with security and the interconnection of VOIP. "Revenue generation, market forces, and cost savings are the elements advancing the adoption of VOIP in today's marketplace," said Pandit.

March's seminar kicked off the Internet-based topics of the last several months. The co-hosts were DirectRevenue, a leading online media company, and Digital Edge, a provider of technology solutions for online revenue driven systems. They lead the discussion of driving revenue and business via the Internet.

Dan Doman, DirectRevenue's CIO, addressed the importance of redundancy to a successful online advertising company. He also emphasized the need to protect user privacy, including not collecting personal identification information. DirectRevenue's business model, Doman explained, is built on the idea of a "fair exchange of value" -- in exchange for valuable free software, each Internet user agrees to allow relevant advertising to appear on his desktop.

"Working with different vendors is a necessity to achieve the backup and security desirable to insure a seamless delivery of our clients' advertising messages," said Doman. "It is also highly important that we guard the Internet users' privacy. We gather only necessary data, setting limits to what to collect."

Digital Edge illustrated the essentials of creating an enterprise to support a revenue driving operation for retail or non-profit needs, and pointed out what are the necessary elements to create financial transactional systems that handle high volumes of business. Mike Petrov, Digital Edge's CTO, said, "The seminar gave us the ability to share our extensive knowledge of high volume transactional systems with business executives and IT professionals in order to help them achieve success in their day to day operations and complex E-Business transformations. It also gave us an opportunity to meet other business professionals and share business ideas."

TELEHOUSE launched the monthly morning seminar series to create a forum that addresses topical industry issues in an informal, non-sales pitch environment. The co-hosts presentations serve as a catalyst that precipitates out-of-the-box thinking, and an enlightened discussion of issues and new approaches between speakers and attendees, presenting a genuine value-add for all.

About CompliancyGroup

CompliancyGroup is a privately held, New York-based company that utilizes software and the Internet to lessen the burden of achieving regulatory compliance and simplify governmental regulations. Combining software and over 75 years experience in regulatory assessment, CompliancyGroup knows how to eliminate the complexities of becoming compliant and manage the process of assessment. For more information, please visit

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Stealth Communications celebrates its tenth year in the telecom industry with its successful lines of services based on Ethernet and IP technology. With a positive attitude towards improving telecommunications and endless innovation benefiting communities, Stealth has earned a great reputation in the industry by providing quality services and customer satisfaction. Stealth works closely with its customers and partners who are in the telecom, financial, reality and government sector. For more information on Stealth and its services, visit

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DirectRevenue is a leader in online media. Top brands rely on Direct Revenue's products, services, and partner network to deliver highly targeted marketing messages to over 15 million Internet users worldwide. In September 2004, Direct Revenue acquired SohoDigital. Founded in 2002, Direct Revenue is backed by Insight Venture Partners and the Technology Investment Capital Corporation (TICC). Direct Revenue supports the Spy Act. For more information, please visit

About Digital Edge

Digital Edge is a provider of technology solutions for online revenue driven systems. DE combines architectural design, hardware, software, and human factors to work as one stable, secured, redundant, and scalable environment. Their clients are e-business companies that generate significant online revenues, seek online infrastructure stability with excellent enterprise wide security and redundancy, and require a variety of technology and infrastructure capabilities, but do not want the internal task of developing and managing the ever-changing environment needed to support their growth. For more information, please visit

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TELEHOUSE is a stable and trusted pioneer of carrier-neutral colocation space and services. Since 1989, they have provided customers with secure, power-protected environments where they can house and operate their telecommunications and network resources. Companies from a wide range of industries have chosen to locate their mission critical equipment at one of TELEHOUSE's colocation "meet-me-centers" in New York and California, in order to take advantage of the potential business opportunities that exist from other TELEHOUSE customers. Among the many benefits of colocating with TELEHOUSE is the ability to connect to state-of-the-art peering exchanges in New York ( and Los Angeles ( In addition, through close ties to its sister companies in Europe and Asia, TELEHOUSE can provide continuous, cost-effective operation of network-dependent businesses around the world. For more information, please visit or contact us at

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