February 09, 2010 11:01 ET

Teleperformance (NYSE Euronext Paris: FR 0000051807) Launches Teleperformance Tools Version 3.0

Teleperformance Tools 3.0 Strengthens Real-Time Management of Contact Centers and Agents Through Enhanced Solutions

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwire - February 9, 2010) - Teleperformance, the world's leading provider of outsourced CRM and contact center services, today announced the launch of Teleperformance Tools 3.0, the newest in an ever-evolving suite of solutions used by Teleperformance operations to benefit enterprise clients. The tools integrate directly with the Teleperformance Contact Center Management System (CCMS) and enhance communication, increase transparency, and improve overall customer satisfaction. The smooth integration of these components into a total suite of solutions provides a consistent and cohesive interface and experience for all users (from clients to agents to administration/management).

"Teleperformance's robust and advanced technologies and tools are a key part of the top-rated solution we provide to our clients," stated Teleperformance USA CEO Brent Welch.

Dominic Dato, Executive Chairman of Teleperformance USA, continued, "Teleperformance Tools 3.0 provides an unparalleled, real-time view into our call center operations agent activity. This offering allows us to partner closely with our clients to help them manage costs while ensuring their customers are highly satisfied. With Teleperformance Tools 3.0, Teleperformance customers have even greater visibility into their programs than was possible previously. We can respond in near real-time to drive even better service."

"Major companies are increasingly demanding very sophisticated, secure, complete contact center solutions. Teleperformance Tools 3.0 is another significant platform enhancement to Teleperformance's award-winning outsourced contact center solutions that allows them to continue to lead this market," noted Michael DeSalles, Strategic Analyst with Frost & Sullivan.

Teleperformance Tools 3.0 includes increased capabilities and functionalities in the areas of agent management, analytics, communications, operations, agent authentication and security, to meet the compliance and security requirements of Teleperformance customers and improve day-to-day operations and results.

New and Updated Tools:

Teleperformance Passport -- A new addition to the suite, this voice-biometric, two-factor login authentication system provides more secure access to confidential data.

Teleperformance Desktop -- A targeted communication system consisting of both client and server applications which, when combined with business workflow processes, create a powerful, dynamic, and secure contact center messaging solution that increases customer satisfaction. It now uses more dynamic communications and real-time messaging for improved productivity and greater collaboration between work groups. New features include:

--  Globalization and internationalization
--  Enhanced support for VOIP
--  Improved security for client machines
--  Updated web administration portal
--  Global reporting and metrics/usage collection
--  Team alerts
--  Invitation to connect video conferencing
--  Session inventory and time reporting
--  A packaged VPN security appliance

Also included within Desktop is Teleperformance's ServiceChat application that provides Web chat capabilities for both internal and external communications to make connecting and sharing information even easier. It now boasts an improved interface and supports increased levels of customization.

Teleperformance Observer -- A real-time agent observation and call floor management application providing a single interface for floor management, call emotion analysis, historical point in time analysis, and historical reporting. With this release, Teleperformance has added:

--  Integration with Teleperformance Agent for remote observation of
    desktop state (such as power status or agent login status)
--  Enhanced floor mapping

Teleperformance Reports -- A comprehensive reporting application that empowers users to generate on-demand reports and graphs for real-time analysis and distribution. It also grants the ability to create custom reports through an easy-to-use interface and now includes:

--  Improved administrative and template-building interfaces
--  New functionality being added to the Web-based interface
--  New survey capabilities allowing for world-wide metrics collection and
--  Supervisor evaluation and effectiveness analysis

Teleperformance Connect -- A Web-based meeting and desktop video conferencing solution that helps reduce travel costs, increase productivity, and improve team collaboration and communication. With this release, the secure, real-time connection adds:

--  Enhanced administrative and meeting room interfaces
--  Integration with Teleperformance Desktop for remote workers

The new enhancements and features of Teleperformance Tools 3.0 serve enterprise clients with superior operations and demonstrate Teleperformance's commitment to growth, innovation, and improvement.


Teleperformance (NYSE Euronext Paris: FR 0000051807), the world's leading provider of outsourced CRM and contact center services, has been serving companies around the world rolling out customer acquisition, customer care, technical support and debt collection programs on their behalf. In 2009, the Teleperformance Group achieved EUR 1.848 billion revenues (US$2.6 billion - average exchange rate at December 31, 2009: EUR 1 = US$1.39). The Group operates about 82,000 computerized workstations, with more than 100,000 employees (Full-Time Equivalents) across 268 contact centers in 49 countries and conducts programs in more than 66 different languages and dialects on behalf of major international companies operating in various industries.

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