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TELEPERFORMANCE : Quarterly Information as of March 31, 2009

PARIS--(Marketwire - May 5, 2009) -

1st Quarter 2009 Revenues:

Achievements in line with Forecasts

+8.6% - Based on published data

+7.5% - Excluding foreign exchange effects

+1.0% - Excluding foreign exchange and scope of consolidation effects

Teleperformance published its quarterly information regarding its results as of March 31, 2009.


The Teleperformance Group's consolidated revenues in the first quarter 2009 amounted to EUR 447.1 million, i.e., an increase of 8.6% compared to the same period last year, based on published data.

If not considering the foreign exchange effects, the Group's revenues increased by 7.5%.

Excluding foreign exchange and scope of consolidation effects, the Group's revenues increased by 1.0%.

Revenue distribution by region

|(in millions of euros)|1st Quarter|1st Quarter|Growth              |
|                      |       2009|       2008|Based on published  |
|                      |           |           |data (in%)          |
|                      |           |           |                    |
|                      |           |           |                    |
|Europe                |      223.3|      221.7|                +0.7|
|NAFTA*                |      197.1|      166.5|               +18.3|
|Rest of the World**   |       26.7|       23.5|               +13.6|
|Total                 |      447.1|      411.7|                +8.6|

|(in millions of euros)|Growth              |
|                      |Excl. foreign       |
|                      |exchange and scope  |
|                      |of consolidation    |
|                      |effects (in%)       |
|Europe                |                +2.1|
|NAFTA*                |                -3.7|
|Rest of the World**   |               +27.9|
|Total                 |                +1.0|
* The NAFTA region includes the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

** The Rest of the World includes Latin America and Asia.

Revenue distribution by business segment

|       (in %)      |  1st Quarter|  1st Quarter|
|                   |         2009|         2008|
|  Inbound services |           75|           72|
|  Outbound services|           21|           25|
|  Other            |            4|            3|
|  Total            |          100|          100|
Revenues from Inbound activities increased by 3% and now stand for 75% of the Group's total revenues versus 72% in the 1st quarter 2008.

Business Developments

- Foreign exchange effect

Overall, foreign exchange effects in the first quarter 2009 resulted in a positive impact of EUR 4.6 million.

These foreign exchange effects may be broken down per region as follows:

- NAFTA +EUR 15.3 million

- Europe -EUR 7.5 million

- Rest of the World -EUR 3.2 million

The rise of the U.S. Dollar against the Euro over the first three months of 2009 resulted in a positive foreign exchange effect in the NAFTA region (EUR 1 < > = 1.3032 in 2009 vs. 1.4974 in 2008).

However, in the first quarter 2009, the Euro rose against most European currencies, especially the Pound Sterling, and against the Brazilian Real (ROW region).

- Scope of consolidation effect

In the first quarter 2009, the positive impact from changes in the scope of consolidation amounted to EUR 26.3 million.

Such positive impact mainly resulted from the following external growth transactions:

- In Europe: Acquisition of a controlling interest in the GN Research Group, which was consolidated as of July 1, 2008.

- In the NAFTA region: Acquisition of The Answer Group in the United States, which was consolidated as of December 31, 2008.

- Base effect

The increase in revenues generated in the Rest of the World region may be explained by the development of our network's operations in South America, and especially in Brazil.

The NAFTA region's turndown in business volumes, which is similar to that experienced during the fourth quarter 2008, is in line with the assumptions retained in the business forecasts announced in November 2008. The comparison may also be supported by a negative base effect, as the business activity had been particularly sustained during the first quarter 2008 with an organic growth rate exceeding 17%.

Financial position

At the end of the first quarter 2009, the Teleperformance Group benefited from a positive net cash flow and a strong financial position.

We also benefit from a EUR 300 million multicurrency revolving credit facility (Euro, Pound Sterling, US Dollar) with a four-year residual period.

Key highlights in the 1st quarter 2009

- Teleperformance grouped its French operations

On January 20, 2009, Teleperformance announced the grouping of its activities in France and the new entity went by the name of Teleperformance France. On the one hand, the following companies were merged under one single management structure: Cashperformance, Comunicator, Infomobile, TechCity Solutions France, Teleperformance France, Teleperformance Midi-Aquitaine, Teleperformance Nord, Teleperformance Rhône-Alpes.

And, on the other hand, four operational companies were created and set up on a regional basis: Teleperformance Nord-Champagne, Teleperformance Centre-Est, Teleperformance Centre-Ouest, Teleperformance Grand-Sud.

- Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Teleperformance as 2009 North American Contact Center Outsourcing Company of the Year

Based on its recent comprehensive analysis of the contact center outsourcing market, market analysts Frost & Sullivan presented Teleperformance with the 2009 North American Award for the Company of the Year.

The independent assessment specifically cited Teleperformance's North American market growth progression and Teleperformance's global industry leadership in revenues, financial strength, geographic operating footprint, information security, cross-industry expertise, exhaustive customer contact solutions portfolio, customer service leadership and industry global best practices.

The Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year citation also recognized Teleperformance for winning a major Frost & Sullivan industry award for an unprecedented fourth consecutive year.

In 2008, Teleperformance became the first company in its industry to be recognized by Frost & Sullivan for industry innovation and advancement due to its information security practices and certifications. Teleperformance also holds the industry best 5A1 Dun & Bradstreet rating.

- Teleperformance France - the first specialist CRM outsourcing company to receive AFAQ 1000NR© certification by AFNOR

Teleperformance France has just been awarded the AFAQ 1000NR certificate based on the assessment of the company's level of responsibility by AFNOR Certification.This certification based:

- On the one hand, on a strategic approach and management practices, and,

- On the other hand, on the company' environmental, social and economic indicator results,

rewards Teleperformance France's global approach. Therefore Teleperformance France is the first CRM outsourcing company to obtain this positive assessment in France.

Awarded by AFNOR Certification, the first certification body in France (and one of the worldwide leaders in the field), the AFAQ 1000NR certification is a comprehensive assessment tool based on a strategic approach and management practices, as well as on environmental, social and economic indicator results.

Since signing up the Diversity Charter, Teleperformance France has committed in adopting this sustainable development approach at the highest levels of the company. In order to implement and share a human resources management policy promoting equality of opportunities and skills development, the company's approach also relies on its own programs, that is to say Handi-Teleperformance, Citizen of the World and Citizen of the Planet.


The first quarter 2009 results are in line with the initial annual revenue forecasts that were announced during the last financial meeting held on November 26, 2008.

During the next financial meeting that will take place on May 19, 2009, the Teleperformance Group will update its business and revenue objectives to take into consideration the adjusted market data, as well as the exchange rate assumptions retained for the rest of the financial year 2009.


Financial Meeting: May 19, 2009.


Teleperformance (NYSE Euronext Paris: FR 0000051807), the world's leading provider of outsourced CRM and contact center services, has been serving companies around the world rolling out customer acquisition, customer care, technical support and debt collection programs on their behalf. In 2008, the Teleperformance Group achieved EUR 1.784 billion revenues (US$2.6 billion - average exchange rate at December 31, 2008: EUR 1 < > = US$1.46).

The Group operates about 82,000 computerized workstations, with more than 100,000 employees (Full-Time Equivalents) across 249 contact centers in 47 countries and conducts programs in more than 66 different languages and dialects on behalf of major international companies operating in various industries.

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