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October 14, 2013 08:46 ET

Tellagence Releases Community to Move Influence Marketing Beyond Follower Counts, Twitter Lists, and Social Scoring

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwired - Oct 14, 2013) - Tellagence, the first step in your social marketing campaign, today officially releases its Community product. Tellagence Community enables a marketing, social, content, and communications team to identify the right audience across Twitter who will engage with and be motivated to pass on relevant brand content.

Tellagence Community constantly assesses how the environment around a broad query, or topic, is built in order to assess who you reach, and from there, where your message will go. It is the changing dynamics of relationships in context that define how information will move across social networks, specifically Twitter. Tellagence Community is nine years in the making and is built to answer the question 'how does information move across social networks, and who acts on it?'

Tellagence Discover + Community 
Current influencer identification and engagement strategies are not working. In a recent Adobe report 'Digital Distress, what keeps marketers up at night,' ultimately 61% of the 1,000 U.S. marketers polled think that, for most companies, digital marketing approaches are a constant cycle of trial and error. This includes social marketing, and social measurement disciplines. Tellagence squarely addresses this with its Discover, and Community products for Twitter.

One of the first steps in using Twitter for your business is finding the audience you want to engage. This is the group of people you believe are the target for your messages and calls to action. This is important because before you can start any sort of influencer marketing program, community building/management effort or even social advertising you have to narrow your pool of targets from the 215 million active monthly users on Twitter to the ones that matter.

Tellagence is able to predict how content flows and understands how behavioral differences are promoted in online communities by member-driven or sponsor-driven classifications and by structural or social designs.

Three Steps to Influencer Marketing Strategy
Brands can begin to define a consistent influencer marketing strategy using Tellagence Community in three primary steps:

1. Filters out noise to identify themes of conversation based on contextual analysis. These themes represent a potential audience.
2. Visualize a community built on relationships.
3. Predicts who will drive a chain reaction of engagement across this community; therefore identifying the influencers best fit for your objectives within context.

Tellagence is ultimately a contextual analysis system that identifies context and relationship dynamics to predict the path of communication. The goal is to allow brands and businesses to optimize marketing efforts and increase reach by moving away from focusing on individual influencers with a perceived influence based largely on followers, to targeting smaller, key groups of users and their most significant relationships.

Supporting Quotes:

Tellagence Co-Founder Matt Hixson:
"The marketing industry is at a point where we need to start optimizing our efforts in social not just creating more noise. The focus of Tellagence is about enabling our customers to make smarter decisions so they get the most out of every resource they put into social."

Tellagence Customer Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, CMO, Mindjet:
"Mindjet used Tellagence Community and Discover to gather highly accurate influencer analysis, and better predict how specific social content and messages would move across Twitter. This allowed us to identify key influencers in our market prior to a merger announcement with Spigit. We had a very good idea going into the announcement where the news would be received positively."

About Tellagence
Tellagence's mission is to enable the next generation of communication through our ability to predict changes in behavior, adapt and dynamically allocate marketing's resources across the growing and dynamic social networks people use. Find out more about Tellagence here:

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