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December 15, 2008 13:40 ET

Telonu -- Real Workplace Information From the Inside

New Workplace Community Site Lets You Rave, Rant, Rate™ Your Workplace, the People There and Lots of Other Stuff -- Anonymously or Not

MILPITAS, CA--(Marketwire - December 15, 2008) - Telonu Inc. today announced the beta launch of its free user generated content community website,, focused on the workplace. Users gain valuable insight to what insiders are saying about a company. In turn, they can share what's on their mind regarding the workplace, the people they work with and other important things in their lives, such as schools, brands purchased and even what's hot for lunch!

Telonu is designed with the user's needs in mind with an emphasis on privacy. For each review the user writes, they can choose their identity -- whether they would like to be anonymous, use a nickname or a username. This feature results in a wide range of reviews -- from very positive to somewhat critical providing a balanced perspective. It also helps build a community since 31% of consumers say that they add content to sites to be part of the community and 28% do it to gain recognition from peers. Today, many users prefer to get that recognition under a nickname. Telonu is the only social site that offers this unique feature.

The site also has a community based feedback system on each review where users can interact based on their choice. They can agree, disagree or rate the review as useful, cool or harsh. Additionally, they can write their comment on the review providing community feedback to the feedbacks themselves.

"The concept behind Telonu is simple and yet very timely. We have a generation of internet users growing up who read 15 reviews before spending $50 at a restaurant or at the movies," said Bari Abdul, CEO of Telonu. "They are actively looking for a service where they can find out what others are really thinking about at their current company where they spend in excess of 40 hours per week. This information becomes all the more crucial when people are in transition, looking for new companies to join, consult for or partner with."

"In the short time that Telonu has been in beta, it has achieved a strong following with large companies via word of mouth indicating the underlying need for a "Yelp" for the business community. In the short time that we have opened the service up, we have seen the nature of the micro-blogs reflect the times we are in," continued Abdul. "Earlier, the comments were a review of what's good or not so good about the companies where Telonu members were working. However, in recent weeks we have seen postings and discussions about layoffs and the anxiety they are causing at the workplace."

With millions of entities in the database, including a complete list of public and private companies, Telonu is easy to use, taking less than a minute to write and post a review. With a simple query via the search bar you can be writing about your mean boss or your wonderful co-worker in seconds. Also, Telonu does not ask users to fill out forms or provide detailed information before writing reviews.

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Telonu, a service provided by Telonu Inc., a Silicon Valley start-up, mixes Reviews and Ratings for the Workplace with Professional Networking in a free, fun, and powerful way to make your experience more productive and fun. We are aiming to build a community that is useful and members are helpful to each other as they navigate through their careers and lives. We realize that while expert opinion is important, there is nothing more valuable than learning from those who have been there and done that. For more information, visit

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