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January 22, 2008 11:51 ET

Telzuit Medical Technologies: Recent Update Call

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwire - January 22, 2008) - Telzuit (OTCBB: TZMT) initiated a conference call on Monday, January 21, 2008 at 2:00 PM Eastern Time to update investors on the Company. To listen to a replay of the call, please dial 1-888-899-7904. The playback ID# is 082821021. The following contains an outline of what was said on the call:

--  During the past year we have improved and perfected the operation of
    the StatPatch by enhancing components on the circuit board and reducing the
    cost of manufacturing.
--  We have moved the software platform for the StatPatch from the Palm
    operating system to Windows mobile 5.0 and most recently to Windows Mobile
--  We have significantly improved the Bluetooth operating range of the
    StatPatch resulting in fewer drops.
--  We created a PC version of the software for institutional use.
--  We improved the PDA software so that the OEM battery will now complete
    a 24 hour Holter test without the need to recharge the battery.
--  We have run some 500 tests this year with the StatPatch system and
    have a 97% success rate.
--  We believe that the failure rate of the traditional wired Holter is
    much greater than our 3%. Perhaps as high as 30%.
--  Our use of the StatPatch on patients has been successfully paid for by
    Medicare and other third party payers.
--  The Cardiologist reviewing the StatPatch tests and interpreting the
    results via a written report back to the physicians ordering the Holter has
    found the StatPatch recordings to be of excellent quality, accurate and
    exceedingly easy to evaluate and interpret. The Cardiologist also believes
    that the StatPatch is more efficient than other technology out there now.
--  We have reduced the cash burn rate of the company from over $400k per
    month to under $100k per month.
--  Component changes and manufacturing efficiencies will reduce the
    overall cost of the StatPatch and yield us an improved profit margin. Also,
    PDA acquisition costs have been reduced by 60%.
--  We have distribution agreements in progress to hit the ground running
    as soon as there is enough funding to start building sufficient inventory
    of the StatPatch.
--  We are in substantive discussions with a foreign provider if EKG
    products and services to serve as their OEM for wireless holter monitors
    and related products. This third party will have rights to our product in
    Europe and selected US markets, if we successfully complete this
    partnership. We believe that if successfully completed this partnership
    will provide the company with sales levels that are substantial.
--  We have begun discussions with one of the largest distributors of EKG
    products in the US to serve as our distributor in selected US markets.
--  To sum up, the product is ready to tackle the holter monitoring
    market. We believe we have the relationships in place or nearly in place
    that will enable us to achieve substantial penetration. We currently lack
    the financial resources to fulfill this plan.
--  On a related note we intend to make strategic additions to the Board
    of Directors. Kenneth Adams and Richard Bischoff have resigned from the
    Board to make way for future additions.

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Telzuit Medical Technologies, Inc. is dedicated to providing advanced mobile medicine to patients. The STATPATCH System is a full 12-lead, completely wireless Holter monitor. The STATPATCH System has been approved by the FDA under a 510-K filing. Telzuit also provides ultrasound medical imaging services to physicians in Central Florida through six mobile imaging units. Telzuit is based in Orlando. For more information about Telzuit, its business model and its products, please visit the Company's web site:

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