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February 13, 2012 09:00 ET

Temperature@lert Sensor Cloud Now Available for USB and WiFi Editions

Proven Cloud-Based Software Provides Customers With Remote Environmental Monitoring and Alerting

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - Feb 13, 2012) - Temperature@lert announced today the release of its Sensor Cloud for USB and WiFi Edition products. Low-cost subscription plans offer USB and WiFi Edition users functionality and security not generally available for these types of products.

Sensor Cloud allows customers to monitor their temperature readings and edit alarm settings from virtually any web browser or smartphone. Through the Temperature@lert Sensor Cloud interface, customers can immediately see the current environmental conditions of all Temperature@lert devices on a customer's network. Users log in to Temperature@lert's secure servers to set phone, text message and email notifications when one or more temperature thresholds are exceeded. Whether devices are deployed in the next room protecting valuable vaccines or across the country in a remote ski lodge, the Sensor Cloud homepage displays the status of the monitored environment, letting Temperature@lert's customers know everything is running smoothly or which device is sending an emergency alert message.

"Our large installed base of USB and WiFi customers have been asking for an online browser interface," noted Harry Schechter, President and CEO of Temperature@lert. "Our Cellular Edition Sensor Cloud has been running reliably for the past four years, and customers currently using the Cellular Edition have remarked how easy it is to use and configure. This release brings online access to USB and WiFi Edition users and allows additional functionality previously only available in the Cellular Edition."

Among the advanced features are the following:

  • Set multiple temperature alert thresholds for a single device -- provides escalation plan functionality.
  • Send SMS text messages in addition to the standard email alert messages.
  • Send multiple email and SMS text messages to multiple users for each alert level.
  • Send email and alert messages to different users for each temperature alert level setting.
  • Enable HealthCheck, which will send an alert message when the device has not reported in for a user set number of reporting intervals -- lets you know when your network or PC to which the device is connected is not working properly.
  • Subscribe to automatically generated PDF reports.
  • For a slightly higher subscription fee, send telephone voice messages for temperature alerts.

To learn more about Temperature@lert's Sensor Cloud and all Temperature@lert products, visit the website at

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Temperature@lert's temperature monitoring solutions provide both real-time and historic views of a location's temperature through alerts and cloud-based records of temperatures at specific intervals. This information allows customers to immediately react to potentially disastrous temperature fluctuations, as well as provide temperature consistency for regulatory and internal process control requirements. Temperature@lert has more than 10,000 devices installed in over 40 countries around the globe. For more information, please visit

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