Canada Economic Development

Canada Economic Development

November 12, 2010 11:20 ET

Temporary Initiative for the Strengthening of Quebec's Forest Economies

$30 million investment to date and more to come

SAINT-GÉDÉON, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Nov. 12, 2010) - The Honourable Denis Lebel, Minister of State for Canada Economic Development, today presented a first status report on the financial assistance granted through the Temporary Initiative for the Strengthening of Quebec's Forest Economies (TISQFE). Mr. Lebel noted that, to date, $30 million in total funding has already been awarded to 79 projects. These projects will generate investments of close to $115 million and their proponents expect that 1,645 jobs will be created and maintained.

"The TISQFE is going extremely well. I am delighted that, being so popular, it has opened the door to the creation of jobs and the realization of significant projects. I therefore invite more companies and organizations in the target regions to submit their projects to us," stated Minister of State Lebel.

Of the regions eligible for the TISQFE, Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean received contributions totalling $3,495,559 in support of 14 different projects that, together, will see $14,278,207 invested and 97 jobs created and maintained in the region. 

"This report clearly illustrates our government's determination to sustain our industries, create employment and stimulate the economic growth of our regions. Our contribution to Industries Grandmont is a prime example of that," he added.

Today's announcement was made on the premises of Industries Grandmont in Saint-Gédéon. The enterprise, which specializes in secondary and tertiary wood processing, recently received a repayable contribution of $99,788 under the TISQFE. It will use this funding to commission a new production line dedicated specifically to short series production of a wood furniture and accessory collection.

The TISQFE, which came into force this past June, is aimed at helping communities affected by the forestry crisis diversify their economies in order to secure their growth and create and maintain employment.

This measure is one of several that our government has put in place in recent months to counteract the effects of the forest crisis. Others include, for example, the $1 billion granted to the Pulp and Paper Green Transformation Program to help enterprises carry out environmentally-friendly projects within their facilities and the $230 million invested, in collaboration with the Government of Quebec, for silvicultural work and the restoration of bridges and culverts on forest roads. Workers are also benefiting from their fair share of support, with the Government of Canada introducing some of the most generous measures in history to help them through the economic crisis.

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Report on projects funded through the Temporary Initiative for the Strengthening of Quebec's Forest Economies Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean

Promoter Description - Investment - Contribution
Inotech Fabrication Normandin Inc. Repayable contribution of $125,750 on a total investment of $271,500. This innovative enterprise specializes in the manufacture of high-technology equipment for the wood processing industry. The company's project involves the acquisition of strategic equipment to reduce manufacturing costs and raise productivity. This new equipment will allow for a high degree of accuracy, thereby enabling the firm to produce better-quality finished products. The project also includes a commercialization component involving the production of a corporate DVD and a new information write-up on the Inotech Fabrication Normandin Web site. These project components are part of an overall investment plan aimed at improving the company's performance.
Aircraft Maintenance Systems RD Inc. Repayable contribution of $159,000 on a total investment of $759,750. Aircraft Maintenance Systems RD Inc. is an innovative designer and developer of specialized software for the aeronautics industry. To date, the company has developed some 10 aircraft and inventory management and maintenance software programs. The funding from Canada Economic Development will mainly serve to help the enterprise commercialize new aircraft maintenance software in Canada, the United States, Europe and Australia.
Roberval development agency Non-repayable contribution of $86,250on a total investment of $115,000. The Roberval development agency is committed to promoting the city's industrial, commercial, tourism, cultural and economic expansion. Its project involves commissioning a technical feasibility study on the establishment of an integrated wood processing plant in Roberval. The agency, with the aid of a consultant, is looking to develop a plan to re-launch the Roberval sawmill. The new sawmill would differ from the former facility in that its operations would be exclusively dedicated to softwood lumber production. As well as manufacturing value-added products, the integrated plant could offset some of the supply problems of regional establishments whose operations are based on the secondary processing of hardwood. The proposed concept could eventually offer greater flexibility in terms of production and would be complementary to existing plants in the area.
Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de Dolbeau-Mistassini Non-repayable contribution of $44,640 on a total investment of $99,000. As part of its mission, the Dolbeau-Mistassini board of trade and industry supports enterprises in the Maria-Chapdelaine RCM in various ways in their efforts to step up their development and intensify their market visibility. This project involves conducting market prospecting for a new product that could be manufactured by the Dolbeau-Mistassini paper mill.
Les industries Grandmont Inc. Repayable contribution of $99,788 on a total investment of $199,575. This SME, whose activities are centred on secondary and tertiary wood processing, manufactures all-wood furnishings. It intends to set up a new production line exclusively for the limited manufacture of a collection of wood furniture and accessories.
Nordest Marine Inc. Repayable contribution of $126,500 on a total investment of $591,500. This enterprise is working to develop a small- and medium-powered aluminum underwater generator. The company's project involves developing and testing a type of generator with asymmetrical blades as well as a self-contained immersion and anchoring system. A feasibility study on the commercial manufacture of these devices will also be conducted.
Sotrem (1993) Inc. Repayable contribution of $1,138,375 on a total investment of $2,854,250. Sotrem specializes in the thermal processing of metals and refusion of aluminum. This project to support the company's growth involves implementing three production lines—two for the manufacture of aluminum pellets and the third for processing liquid aluminum into by-products—, modernizing the plant and carrying out a commercialization strategy.
6482066 Canada Inc. (PCP Canada) Repayable contribution of $483,000 on a total investment of $3,428,000. This firm specializes in the manufacture of precision plates and blocks in cast aluminum. Its project involves improving productivity and competitiveness through the acquisition of equipment for cutting aluminum super-ingots and making large-sized plates and blocks not currently available on the market. The company also intends to implement a computerized integrated management system (ERP system).
9027-8987 Québec Inc.(GBL Fabrication métallique) Repayable contribution of $347,065 on a total investment of $2,570,260. This enterprise specializes in the design and manufacture of steel structures for buildings and wrought metals. The company's project will enable it to proceed with the industrial manufacture of a system of steel ties to facilitate the assembly of glue-laminated timber structures.
Moulures Transform Inc. Repayable contribution of $337,500 on a total investment of $775,000. This wood processing company intends to purchase equipment to increase its productivity. This equipment will help combine several processing steps into a single operation.
Les Entreprises R.N. Perron Inc. Repayable contribution of $200,000 on a total investment of $1,314,691. This fruit producer is undertaking the first of a two-phase project to establish an organic cranberry farm by developing the first 12 of 38 acres the operation will ultimately comprise. This new cultivation will help satisfy the growing demand for organic berries while enabling the enterprise to expand its markets.
Remorque 2000 Inc. Repayable contribution of $270,591 on a total investment of $709,196. Remorque 2000 is a manufacturer of custom aluminum and steel trailers. The company hopes to increase its productivity by purchasing leading-edge equipment and expanding its factory in order to gain a solid foothold in markets outside Quebec.
Transviande Inc. Repayable contribution of $27,100 on a total investment of $152,700. This project involves establishing a meat cutting centre for specialty products (marinated and smoked meats, cured sausages). The support from Canada Economic Development will be used for the acquisition of equipment, notably a refrigeration system.
Coopérative de solidarité V.E.R.T.E. Inc. Non-repayable contribution of $50,000 on a total investment of more than $800,000. This project of the Coopérative de solidarité V.E.R.T.E. involves converting Chicoutimi's Price House into a youth hostel. The establishment—the only one of its kind in Chicoutimi—will help both diversify and increase the lodging supply in the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean region.


Total number of projects funded: 14

Total contributions from Canada Economic Development: $3,495,559

Total investment generated by these projects: $14,278,207

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