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October 24, 2012 15:36 ET

Ten Tips to Write More Competitive College Application Essays

Veritas Prep and Application Boot Camp® Offer Dos and Don'ts to Help Students Set Themselves Apart and Maximize Their College Applications

MALIBU, CA--(Marketwire - Oct 24, 2012) - With college admissions season in full swing, students nationwide are beginning to prepare their applications. While many of the academic elements like GPA, class rank and SAT score are set, one part of the application that students still exercise control over are the essays. To help students write competitive essays that will help get them noticed by admissions officers, Veritas Prep, the largest global provider of test prep and admissions consulting services, teamed up with Application Boot Camp®, America's top college consulting firm, to offer ten tips students should follow as they draft their college application essays:

1) DO think of your essays as a collection - use each to explore a different layer of who you are and how you would enhance the student body.
2) DON'T discuss politics or religion, unless you're coming from an academic perspective - the essays are not the place to take a stand on a personal issue.
3) DO show, DON'T tell - think hard before you overuse adjectives and adverbs; clearly communicate your strengths without using extraneous language.
4) DON'T focus on what you want to do, but rather on what you have already done - how have you gone above and beyond? What is your scholarly niche?
5) DO use an opening hook - start your college essay with something that will capture the admission officer's attention and show why you stand out.
6) DON'T be a generalist, be a specialist - colleges and universities aren't looking for well rounded students, they are looking for a well rounded student body. Show them where you stand out and how you complement the mix they are going for.
7) DO use details - unsubstantiated statements are quickly dismissed, so be sure to use supporting details to illustrate and elaborate on what you are saying.
8) DON'T use "SAT words" - admissions officers are unimpressed by those trying to show off their vocabulary, they much prefer clear, concise essays.
9) DO write "Why Paragraphs" - while they are not required, they are an excellent opportunity to show what you'll bring and why you belong at a given school.
10) DON'T use clichés - clichés are the quickest way to come across as inauthentic and unexceptional.

"Each year admission at the top colleges and universities becomes more and more competitive and students need to maximize their applications to highlight the qualities and characteristics that admissions officers are looking for," said Dr. Michele Hernández, former assistant director of admissions at Dartmouth College and one of the nation's most sought after private admissions counselors. "Essays are the best way to become a 3D applicant, adding another dimension to what otherwise would be a profile made up of grades, activities and test scores, which are only part of the story. In their essays, students have an opportunity to jump off the page and showcase who they are as an applicant and a person."

Nearly a decade ago, Dr. Hernández and award winning author and parenting expert Mimi Doe co-founded Application Boot Camp®, a four-day workshop that provides students with step-by-step advice on their college applications. Recently they partnered with Veritas Prep to launch Application Boot Camp® On Demand, which captures the same guidance and advice from the $14,000 in-person workshop and makes it available as an interactive, online program for only $750.

In addition to twelve self-paced sessions led by Dr. Hernández and Ms. Doe, the program features a library of quizzes and interactive exercises. To learn more about Application Boot Camp® On Demand and Veritas Prep, visit

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