March 19, 2007 09:01 ET

TenXc Wireless Debuts AWS/UMTS Spectral Enhancement Solution to Enable Increased Service Revenues

Wideband Bi-Sector Array Improves Spectral Capacity to Deliver Advanced Multimedia Services

OTTAWA, CANADA--(CCNMatthews - March 19, 2007) - TenXc Wireless Inc., an innovator in Intelligent Radio Frequency (RF) solutions, today announced its new Wideband Bi-Sector Array for Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) and UMTS 2100 licensed operators. The latest addition to its Bi-Sector Array family for enhanced site capacity, the Wideband Bi-Sector Array improves spectral capacity to deliver current and advanced multimedia services increasing operator service revenues.

TenXc's innovative Bi-Sector Array products increase spectrum efficiency to provide up to double the service capacity using existing site infrastructure avoiding the need for additional cell site costs and lengthy build times. Operating across the full 1710-2170 MHz band, the new Wideband Bi-Sector Array facilitates higher capacity sites for growth markets and the introduction of high-speed multimedia services while meeting stringent AWS and UMTS band performance requirements.

"It's no secret that RF spectrum is finite and precious and that the need for spectrum to enable broadband mobile services is exploding," said Andy Fuertes, Visant Strategies senior analyst. "The FCC auctions off new spectrum about once a decade and service providers snatched up the AWS spectrum in last fall's auction. Now, they will need to make the best possible use of this resource. TenXc's technology lets them do that while continuing to increase revenue."

The Wideband Bi-Sector Array can be deployed in existing PCS 1900MHz and DCS 1800MHz network sites to optimize current service revenue growth and ease 3G network technology deployment improving the operator's overall return on investment. With a breakthrough highly compact radome design the equivalent of two broadband sector antennas in one single 16" (40cm) -wide package the Wideband Bi-Sector Array provides maximum zoning flexibility.

"Wireless carriers continually upgrade their networks with advanced technologies in order to deploy high-quality voice and innovative data and video services to our highly mobile society," said Joe Hickey, President and CEO of TenXc Wireless. "Our Wideband Bi-Sector Array brings to service providers the required future-proof technology to increase broadband wireless service velocity with dramatically lower network CAPEX and OPEX costs."

An industry first, the Bi-Sector Array's unique asymmetric patterns and single dual-sector panel delivers maximum capacity performance gains in higher order sectorization site applications while simplifying implementation and reducing site antenna count. In addition, its 'drop and insert' RF design maps to standard 65 degrees sector coverage enabling hotspot deployment in existing networks without re-engineering surrounding sites. This reduces the deployment of additional service capacity to a matter of weeks.

The new Wideband Bi-Sector Array joins and builds on the success of the high gain DCS 1800MHz introduced at 3GSM 2007 and PCS 1900MHz Bi-Sector Array versions introduced in March 2006.

TenXc Wireless will be showcasing its new Wideband Bi-Sector Array at CTIA Wireless 2007, Booth #3925, March 27-29th, in Orlando, Florida.


TenXc Wireless™ (http://www.tenxc.com) is a spatial processing company delivering next-generation Intelligent RF solutions for wireless mobility networks and the evolution to broadband. TenXc's innovative solutions improve network service capacity and quality by addressing spectral efficiency, link quality, and coverage constraints with reduced access network costs and time-to-deployment. TenXc's unique adaptive beamforming, MIMO, and other spatial processing technologies are based on over 30 years in the research and development of radio frequency advancements for commercial wireless applications.

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