SOURCE: TeraRecon, Inc.

May 13, 2008 13:46 ET

TeraRecon Deploys iNtuition to Master New Advances in Multi-Detector Row MDCT at Stanford Symposium

SAN MATEO, CA--(Marketwire - May 13, 2008) - TeraRecon, Inc. (, a leader in advanced image-processing technology and 3D visualization solutions, today announced the successful completion of the first 30 installations of the new Aquarius iNtuition™ release of the company's advanced visualization platform, after completion of a successful beta program including the participation of Stanford University's 3D lab and department of diagnostic radiology. Aquarius iNtuition will be showcased in several presentations at the 10th Annual International Symposium on Multidetector-Row CT hosted by the Stanford Department of Radiology at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, May 13-16th, 2008.

At MDCT 2008, leading experts from the international community will meet to present new innovations and research relating to the application of advanced multi-detector row CT. Such CT technology has made possible a wide range of new imaging procedures that offer a less-invasive and richer alternative to conventional techniques such as catheter angiography, but in the process, these procedures generate huge volumes of images which have to be managed and manipulated as a part of the diagnostic interpretation process. TeraRecon solutions provide the means to support such interpretation and the subsequent communication with referring physicians and patients, with fast and efficient tools for 3D visualization and measurement.

"TeraRecon has participated in Stanford's MDCT symposium since its inception in San Francisco ten years ago," said Robert Taylor, Ph.D., TeraRecon president and COO. "Stanford's meeting has always put forward the most challenging environment within which technology advances are discussed and vendors are challenged to take solutions to the next step to facilitate a higher standard of care made readily available to more practitioners and patients. This year, as we see more and more clinical results being presented from dual-source and 320-slice MDCT scanners, we are introducing our Aquarius iNtuition platform which enables a complete, structured workflow for advanced visualization, from acquisition, through automated pre-processing, through initial review and final diagnostic interpretation, to the referring physician and consultation with a patient. These huge volumetric studies require unprecedented processing power to be delivered into the hands of physicians all over the enterprise, and for this reason, TeraRecon's advanced client-server architecture is, we believe, the best solution available today for providing a comprehensive image management solution to the healthcare enterprise."

Aquarius iNtuition provides a comprehensive suite of decision support tools that are integrated into the imaging workflow to speed diagnostic interpretation and enrich the imaging experience with additional information that would not otherwise be available. The AquariusAPS™ server hosts multiple optional pre-processing engines to filter for and locate potentially interesting features in volumetric examinations, and to automatically identify and label anatomy. Automatic segmentation and centerline extraction is also supported to prepare the examination for the speediest diagnostic interpretation. The output of the AquariusAPS server, if available, is then employed by the AquariusNET™ server and the Aquarius iNtuition client to drive streamlined and tailored Workflow Templates which know in advance how to swiftly get to specific areas of interest, speeding the process of navigation through the dataset so that the physician may focus their time and concentration on the interpretation process itself.

Results from the Aquarius iNtuition session can then be delivered to referring physicians via the enterprise-friendly, browser-based AquariusWEB viewer which uses only JavaScript technology to deliver results in a rich, interactive but optimized package to referring physicians. The AquariusWEB viewer can be deployed via a simple URL link, making it possible to seamlessly embed the viewer into an EMR or physician portal for secure deliver in the correct patient context. It is even possible to open and display these images on a JavaScript-capable PDA.

Aquarius iNtuition has recently been successfully released to tens of sites after a beta program which included participation by Stanford University's 3D lab and radiology department.

"We are very grateful for Stanford's participation in the Aquarius iNtuition beta program which has undoubtedly helped us craft a better product, which we will be showing at the symposium and putting to the test against competing solutions in the 6th Annual Workstation Face-Off," said Dr. Taylor. "We have participated in the face-off from the beginning, and we are greatly looking forward to pitching our iNtuition technology against the latest challenges Dr. Rubin has in store for us. As ever, we will process cases using client-server technology, which means that any solution seen on the stage in Las Vegas can be readily deployed to any PC in the imaging enterprise. We believe this hallmark of the TeraRecon approach to advanced visualization will enable our solutions to shine once again this year."

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