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TerraEchos, Inc.

October 08, 2012 08:00 ET

TerraEchos Demonstrates the Future of Streaming Analytics at the World's Premier Geospatial Intelligence Conference

Demos of Next-Generation Big-Data Streaming Analytics & Visualization Technology on the TerraEchos Kairos Platform at GEOINT 2012 Symposium

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwire - October 08, 2012) -  GEOINT 2012 - TerraEchos, a next-generation big-data analytics company, is demonstrating its streaming analytics and visualization technology on the TerraEchos Kairos™ platform at the GEOINT 2012 Symposium, being held here October 8 to 11. Attendees of this annual conference of the U.S. Geospatial Intelligence Foundation can visit the TerraEchos Booth #821, in the new-member showcase area, to see demos and talk with representatives from the company.

"We are showcasing the future of real-time, streaming, continuous analytics -- unconstrained by data amount, type or speed," said Bill Hartman, president of TerraEchos. "The TerraEchos Kairos streaming analytics platform, which is currently in pilot deployments, does not store, batch or otherwise stop the data. It analyzes, provides insight and even can initiate action on the fly, in time to respond appropriately to threats or seize momentary opportunities. As a result, the TerraEchos Kairos platform is ideal for any situation in which insight must be both timely and continuous."

In the GEOINT TerraEchos Booth
TerraEchos will offer the following demos in its GEOINT booth:

  • At a secure facility, the TerraEchos Kairos platform merges, correlates and assesses data continuously from underground acoustic sensors, cyber monitoring and video surveillance cameras, while the data is in motion. The demo shows how the TerraEchos Kairos platform can extract and cross-correlate crucial real-time information from multiple data sources, identify a threat and also respond to that threat, all at the same time. The TerraEchos technology blocks a cyber attack; tips and cues IP-networked videocameras to track unauthorized vehicles approaching the secure facility; and alerts the appropriate people to the exact location and nature of the threat.
  • In a city center, continuous sentiment analysis of Twitter feeds recognizes the nascent formation of a mob. The TerraEchos Kairos platform uses real-time human geography, or human terrain mapping, to identify the mob just as it begins to form. In addition, the TerraEchos technology can assist in dissolving the mob through both physical and cyber actions, such as alerting police where to send helicopters and ground-based patrol officers, and initiating Twitter posts designed to confuse and reorient the mob participants as they attempt to converge on a particular location.
  • TerraEchos is incorporating virtual-holographic 3D zSpace® visualization from Infinite Z in a demonstration of particle movement in space, such as might occur with a chemical agent released into the air. Based on data from sensors designed to detect and measure airborne particulates, the TerraEchos technology is able to analyze and model the real-time spatial behavior of the particles, and the zSpace technology presents the results in live 3D motion on a special Infinite Z® monitor. Users can interact live with the flowing particles, "touching" individual particles with a wand and seeing them change color.

"The zSpace technology lets you comprehend instantly the significance of your streaming data, as well as interact with the data, live," said Hartman. "This demonstration from TerraEchos and Infinite Z really brings streaming analytics to life in a way that goes beyond the charts and graphs we're all accustomed to seeing. This demo will likely astound visitors to our GEOINT booth."

About TerraEchos
TerraEchos, a next-generation big-data analytics company, has deployed the first platform to fuse and filter massive amounts of live complex structured and unstructured data on the fly -- and simultaneously and continuously to analyze the data, extract meaningful information and act upon it, in the moment. Unlike database-centric approaches to high-speed, high-volume data analysis, the TerraEchos Kairos™ platform is not constrained by the amount, type or speed of the data: It continuously analyzes data while it is still in motion, without needing to store it. Based on a streaming operating system, and with analytics and visualization modules tuned to specific applications, the TerraEchos Kairos platform is ideal for defense, intelligence, infrastructure, emerging commercial and other markets where knowing and acting right now is critical. For more information, visit

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