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Terralink Systems, Inc.

January 05, 2010 09:38 ET

Terralink Systems Announces Enhanced Ability to Streamline Hazardous Materials Disposal Process

New Capabilities of Flagship TDX Management Software Ease Workflow, Improve Regulation Compliance

PORTLAND, ME--(Marketwire - January 5, 2010) - Terralink Systems, Inc., a developer and distributor of management software that streamlines and optimizes the shipment and storage process of hazardous materials, today announced updates to its premier product, Terralink Data eXchange (TDX™). TDX is designed to smooth the process of hazardous materials disposal by helping waste generators, transporters, brokers and storage facilities plan and track shipments, track expiration and reconciliation dates, and easily search databases. Update highlights include an Alarm Manager tool, Save and Restore capabilities for Select™ search, and a new 'Bill to' drop-down menu on the Profile Form to improve profile billing accuracy.

"The hazardous waste transportation and storage process contains many moving parts and requires multiple forms of paperwork to ensure regulatory compliance," said Joel R. Ferris, Client Services Engineer, Terralink. "The updates we've made to our cornerstone product, TDX, help users streamline this process even further, saving time and reducing the possibility of error. We added this functionality based on feedback from our customers, so we know it meets their specific needs."

"Using Terralink's TDX software has helped immensely in improving the process we go through to manage our hazardous waste," said Steven Terwiske, Operations Manager, Innovative Waste Solutions. "From manifest management and bill of lading generation to the ability to track and plan routes during transportation, it helps keep all the details together, makes our job easier and best ensures we don't hit any regulatory snags."

Additional capabilities include new Save and Restore settings for Select, the TDX search application, which allows users to save and reuse search criteria when used in state, federal, and custom reports databases, and a "bill to" feature that allows ultimate flexibility for brokers and Treatment Storage and/or Disposal Facilities (TSDFs) to assign billing information for waste facility profiles.

TDX Alarm Manager allows users to track profile expiration dates, manifest reconciliation, and inventory accumulation dates for permitted storage. When the TDX software is used to create waste profiles for hazardous waste facilities, TDX can automatically remind users on an annual basis to renew and update profiles, making federal and state regulation compliance easier to maintain. Additionally, TDX will also create an alarm to track generators' receipt of the Federal Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest from hazardous waste facilities and ensure compliance with US regulations.

The updates to Terralink Data eXchange add to existing information management capabilities including easy creation of hazardous/non-hazardous manifests and bills of lading, waste labels, and facility-specific profiles. TDX also includes references for Emergency Response Guidebook pages, facility land ban forms, and EPA and state reports. The updated version of TDX is currently being used by select customers, and is available throughout the US and Canada immediately.

About Terralink Systems, Inc.

Terralink Systems, Inc., headquartered in Portland, ME, is a developer and distributor of management software that streamlines and optimizes the shipment and storage process of hazardous materials. Terralink's products, headlined by Terralink Data eXchange (TDX), provide management tools to companies that generate, handle, ship and store hazardous materials, ensuring regulatory compliance and minimizing liability risk by streamlining paperwork and inventory management. Additional tools offered by Terralink include TDXAnywhere, a web based application service which provides the same full functionality as our flagship TDX product, TDXConnect, a facility web application that provides secure client access to profiles, manifests, and reports, and TDXLite, a cost-effective solution offering primary features of the full TDX product. Terralink services customers throughout the US and Canada. For more information, visit or call (207) 772.6500.

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