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January 17, 2011 13:00 ET

TerraSpark Geosciences Unveils Insight Earth® 1.5

Latest Version of TerraSpark's Insight Earth Seismic Interpretation Solution Empowers Exploration, Production and Imaging Teams With Numerous Core Enhancements to Achieve Unrivaled Performance and Ease of Use

HOUSTON, TX and BOULDER, CO--(Marketwire - January 17, 2011) - TerraSpark® Geosciences LLC announced today the release of Insight Earth® 1.5, the most technologically advanced version of TerraSpark's benchmark seismic interpretation solution. Insight Earth 1.5 builds on the notable breakthroughs presented with the release of Insight Earth 1.4 in 2010, offering numerous enhancements across the platform that enable greater ease of use and improved interpretation performance.

Geoffrey Dorn, PhD, CEO and president of TerraSpark, noted: "Insight Earth 1.5 achieves what others in our industry say can't be done. It represents the most advanced thinking and the most progressive research in the industry, engineered from the requirement-driven perspective of end users. We want Insight Earth to be the most intuitive, most accurate, and most dependable seismic interpretation product on the market. We want Insight Earth to accelerate project workflows and simplify business decision making with complete understanding of even the most complex and demanding subsurface environments. With Insight Earth 1.5, we feel that we have achieved exactly that." 

Improvements to Automated Fault Extraction™
With Insight Earth 1.5, TerraSpark has integrated an Advanced Workflow component that allows interpreters to leverage a new and innovative Background Removal Tool to further improve and accelerate fault interpretation processes. Insight Earth 1.5's Horizon Edge Stacking function, combined with continuous improvements to TerraSpark's patented Automated Fault Extraction process, significantly upgrades fault image quality and clarity through the use of higher resolution algorithms, and improves the S/N ratio of fault features, including lower angle faults.

Surface Wrapping™ Made Easier
Building on Insight Earth's innovative dual snapping mode that allows independent interpretation and visualization of both the top and base of salt bodies, Insight Earth 1.5 enables a simplified, automated flooding step that can replace model painting via the use of stopping surfaces. This allows even greater efficiency and precision in salt and geobody interpretation. New changes to Surface Wrapping further increase flexibility of re-wrapping, optimizing and smoothing existing meshes. Salt meshes created with Surface Wrapping can be used with the new Build Mesh Mask process to create a volume suitable for export to velocity modeling packages. 

Visualization and User Interface Enhancements
Insight Earth 1.5 introduces the use of Slice Groups to incorporate new volume display shortcuts that help expedite production and availability of interpreted images. Dedicated dynamic data properties now reside on point sets, gridded surfaces and meshes to simplify and accelerate interpretation. These properties include intuitive integration of voxel values, thus eliminating an extraction step in the workflow, and adaptive positioning, to provide seamless visualization of time or depth relative to a particular surface.

Infrastructure Upgrades and Process Improvements
Insight Earth 1.5 provides interpreters with the ability to import scalar properties for point sets, and to save presets, via the ASCII Import tool. New file formats have been added for point set, gridded surface and mesh. These new file formats incorporate improved specification of coordinate systems and add the capability to store static data properties.

Data I/O enhancements include the following:

  • Import/Export User Interface -- delivers advanced functionality that enables users to import single or multiple files into Insight Earth, and establishes several key associated parameters to facilitate file import.
  • World Coordinate Conversion -- this application allows users to convert geographic coordinates among a wide variety of coordinate systems, map projections, grids and datum.
  • SEG-Y Import & SEG-Y Export -- an option to configure coordinate conversion has been added to both SEG-Y Import and SEG-Y Export, allowing SEG data to be loaded and converted seamlessly to other coordinate systems.

Process improvements include the following:

  • Line Enhance -- improved for better Automated Fault Extraction results.
  • Project and session file portability -- projects now can be migrated from one disk to another or loaded from different operating systems.
  • Volume Arithmetic -- workflow calculations can now add or multiply by a scalar.
  • Global Volume Rescaling -- interpreters can customize scaling volumes for volume rendering.
  • Threshold Volume -- interpreters can utilize faster, more flexible interpretation parameters.

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TerraSpark Geosciences (, headquartered near Boulder in Westminster, Colorado, leverages its unique blend of upstream industry experience, geoscience expertise and computer science skills to deliver groundbreaking software solutions. The company creates software tools for seismic data interpretation, seismic data processing, directional well-path planning and 3-D visualization. Its leadership in industry consortia and interpretation technology and history of successful patents distinguish them in this highly technical field.

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